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Eurecat is currently working on more than 160 highly strategic applied R & D projects.

Below are the descriptions of a few of the finished projects, based on their results: new scientific technology developments, the generation of the institution’s own technology and its transfer to companies for the improvement of processes or for the creation of new products or services.



JIF2LAND project successfully designed, developed and delivered the necessary jigs and fixtures for the assembly of the laminar flow wings for BLADE (Breakthrough Aircraft Demonstrator in Europe), [...]



The manufacturing industry is currently witnessing a transformation as it increasingly moves towards Digital Manufacturing – often known as Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, factory of the future. It offers opportunities for [...]



Despite Europe’s competitiveness, high capacity and rich culture of green manufacturing, there is a lack of innovation infrastructures to bring this new knowledge to SMEs. The aim of GREENOMED is to test and transfer an inter-regional [...]



The main objective of the PAFORT project is to reduce nutritional deficiencies found in certain groups of the population and encourage the consumption of fermented products of a healthy nutritional profile, that [...]

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