Anton Gorostiaga eurecat

Antón Gorostiaga

Manager of Aerospace sector

Tel. +34 636 934 858


David Pardos

Head of Mobility Business Unit

Tel. +34 93 594 47 00
Mov. +34 676 35 21 37


Eurecat approaches the development of high-risk projects with the spirit of raising the TRL

Eurecat develops aerospace projects of different complexities, in both collaborative environments and under contract, with the aim of achieving TRLs between 4 and 6.

Those projects can range from the conceptual design phase to the critical design and the subsequent manufacture of prototypes for test benches on the ground or in flight, with technologies for metallic and composite materials (titanium or aluminium alloys and nickel superalloys, as well as thermostable and thermoplastic composite materials). During the manufacturing phase, projects include the improvement of production processes with innovative solutions for process integration. Eurecat also carries out projects for tools and equipment used in manufacture (moulds, preforms, etc.), as well as small tools used in assembly.

Eurecat has the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate and is now in the process of obtaining the EN9100 Certificate.

The Centre follows all the commonplace processes of the aerospace sector: risk assessment, change control, configuration management plan, etc.

New products, materials, technologies and processes oriented aviation sector


Replacement of metal pipes prepared in thermoplastic pipes

Selection of materials and processes, mechanical design, validation by finite element analysis, experimental validation tests.

Pintat riblet

Automated system for painting riblets to reduce drag

Motor aeronàutic

Design and manufacture of prototype aircraft engine components