Components, systems, advanced concepts, software and innovative technology for a competitive automotive industry

Plastics, metals, bodywork composites, chassis and interior finishes, from the initial draft of advanced concepts to industrial prototypes.

Monitoring and tele-diagnostic components, systems and environment through sensors and advanced communications.

Equipment and tools (moulds, dies), validation tests, start of production, pre-series, process optimisation, improvement of productivity, problem solving.

Benchmarking (comparative studies), development (thermal and energy characterisation, to re-feed designs, develop BMS software, etc.) and validation (internal, client validation, certification and official approval).
Sensorisation and integrated control of machinery and moulds / dies, automated quality control, integration of robotic systems (handling, machining, trimming, etc.), collaborative robotics (person-machine), unmanned vehicles for independent operations in the plant, consultation and implementation of “Industry 4.0” concepts (remote, adaptive and interactive control systems, decision support systems, Internet of Things, cybersecurity, …).
Positioning and deployment of networks of battery charging points, monitoring of electric vehicle fleets, data mining for functional benchmarking of EVs.

Technology watch, intellectual / industrial property studies, diagnoses and innovation plans, business models, incorporation of new technologies.

Eurecat, at the forefront of technological-scientific advances, to meet the needs of the present and the challenges of the future.

Eurecat provides comprehensive support for technology development and industrialization of the entire value chain of the automotive industry, from vehicle manufacturers to component suppliers at different levels::

  • Design and development of products and components, using new materials and features to reduce weight, increase safety and improve the quality and comfort.
  • Advanced manufacturing processes to increase productivity and optimize flexibilitat.Millora energy efficiency in machinery and production plants.
  • Application of sensors and connectivity with various functionalities.
  • User interaction with the vehicle in the passenger vehicle and its surroundings.

Eurecat has a complete array of laboratories

pilot plants and simulation tools to enable projects to be carried out with total professionalism and security.

Solucions diferencials i industrialitzables en ecodisseny, alleugeriment de pes, seguretat i connectivitat


A Catalan base project for the development and validation of a combined extrusion-blow moulding injection technology for the single-phase production of complexly shaped hollow components with attachments and embedded connectors, in particular.


A spin-off partially owned by Eurecat with an advanced project for an electric motorbike for urban and suburban mobility, with an innovative solution featuring removable modular batteries.


The Spanish project Cenit for the detection and development of a set of solutions for electric mobility: in-wheel electric motor, advanced BMS algorithms, charger and simulator for the optimisation of the vehicle charging infrastructure, among others.

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