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Alfred Beltran

Manager of Automotive sector

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Head of Mobility Business Unit

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Eurecat provides integrated technological development and industrialisation support services for the entire value chain of the automotive industry: from vehicle manufacturers to component suppliers at every level of the business.

product designa automotive

Design and development of products and components, applying new materials and functionalities in order to reduce weight, increase safety and improve quality and comfort.

vehicle interaction

User interaction with the vehicle from within the home and interaction on the part of the vehicle with its surroundings.

advanced processed eurecat automotive

Advanced manufacturing processes for increasing productivity and optimising flexibility.

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industrialization eurecat automotive
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Success stories

Thoughsheet projecte Eurecat

TOUGH-SHEET. Measuring the tolerance levels of high-strength sheet steel, in order to improve the selection of materials for cold-forming processes and impact-resistant components.

Obtaining a viable mechanical property to optimise the fracture-resistance of AHSS and develop fracture criteria for sheet steel.

STRUCTLIGHT. Development of lightweight composite structural components for the automotive industry.

Development of new structural components for the automotive industry using thermoplastic matrix materials made from different types of non-metallic fibres.

S-EBIT. Injection technology for structural extrusion blow moulding.

Combining extrusion blow moulding and injection within a single stage in the manufacturing process and using a single mould.

mobility 2.0 eurecat

MOBILITY 2.0. Cooperative ITS systems to improve the mobility of electric vehicles.

Development of an application to assist with short journeys, thereby improving the mobility of electric vehicles and making them safer, more reliable and more energy-efficient.



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