Eurecat provides companies with technological, chemicals-based tools that boost their competitiveness: not only in relation to their products, but also in relation to all of their production processes


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Eva Fité

Head of Manufacturing Business

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Pablo Ramos

Manager of Business Development in the Chemicals Sector

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Eurecat is the preferred partner for many companies with regard to value creation in all areas of the chemical industry.

Our exceptional scientific and technological capacities allow us to design solutions that help our clients make their processes more productive, improve or replace products and materials, and incorporate advanced materials into their products.



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Development of catalysts designed to transform resources and obtain products with added value

Eurecat provides solutions that are tailored to suit the current energy panorama and meet the chemical industry’s need to obtain energy products in a sustainable manner, while also recovering byproducts in order to transform them into products with high added value.

  • Evaluation of technologies for liquid fuels.
  • Products derived from the transformation of carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Catalysts for the recovery of industrial raw materials.
  • Catalysts for the production of fine chemical compounds.

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Membrane and encapsulation technologies

Eurecat works with companies on the preparation and characterisation of different types of membranes and capsules (bespoke membrane design, including synthesis of materials, selection and use of commercial membranes and assessment of their suitability) in order to design or support engineering processes through the use of separation membranes, optimisation for anti-fouling, morphological characterisation, designing membrane modules, and the simulation and optimisation of specific processes (among other measures).

  • Advanced materials technology.
  • Membranes and encapsulation.
  • Encapsulation.

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Development of analytical methods for chromatography techniques: environmental impact and air quality

Eurecat has developed sensitive, selective and environmentally sustainable methods to identify emerging organic pollutants in the water, sediment/sludge, air and biota around us, using cutting-edge techniques for both the extraction and separation phases. The services offered include:

  • Technical advice with regard to chemical analysis.
  • Development of analytical methods on demand.
  • Optimisation and validation of chromatography methods.
  • Analysis of environmental samples, particularly air samples.
  • Monitoring of air quality.

Within this area, Eurecat is also working on designing management systems for odour pollution, through a series of projects implemented on a citizen science basis.

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Synthesis and characterisation of polymeric materials

Eurecat is working with companies to find new processes for synthesising polymers that are more sustainable in environmental terms. This includes the synthesis of monomers from renewable sources, more sustainable polymerisation and curing processes, and designing polymeric materials of a natural or commercial origin in line with companies’ demands. Eurecat also contributes to the product improvement process and helps improve the development process for polymeric materials.

  • Synthesis of thermosetting polymers and thermoplastics.
  • Obtaining monomers from renewable sources.
  • Processes and materials that are more sustainable in environmental terms.
  • Optimisation of polymer properties.

OCA-WAS, the Eurecat control body accredited according to the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020 standard in the field of major accidents

Eurecat offers companies the OCA-WAS control body with the aim of supporting the professional activity of companies through the evaluation of safety reports (SI) and Quantitative Risk Analysis reports (QRA).

We have the necessary technical means to prevent accidents involving hazardous substances, thus limiting their consequences on human health and the environment.


Chemical reactors for evaluating catalysts: batch multi-reactors and fixed-bed continuous reactors coupled to gas chromatography and mass detection equipment.

Reactors químics per avaluació de catalitzadors eurecat
Reactors químics per avaluació de catalitzadors eurecat
Reactors químics per avaluació de catalitzadors eurecat
Reactors químics per avaluació de catalitzadors eurecat

Success stories

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Preparation of catalysts for the preparation of fuels from CO/H2 ( Fischer-Tropsch process) and the selective hydrogenation of unsaturated compounds generated via the process of obtaining ethylene through petroleum cracking. The results have led to the production of two doctoral theses and have been published in scientific journals and/or patented.

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Preparation of catalysts for the preparation of cyclic carbonates and polycarbonates from carbon dioxide (CO2). It should be noted that the polycarbonates generated had an elevated molecular weight. The results have been published in scientific journals and/or patented.

iff eurecat

International Flavors & Fragances

Preparation of catalysts for the production of fine chemical compounds to serve as fragrance precursors. These compounds were obtained through the telomerisation reaction of isoprene with different nucleophiles. The results have led to the production of a doctoral thesis and have been published in scientific journals and/or patented.


bizeolcat eurecat

H2020-SPIRE / 2019-2023; ID: 814671; Title: “Bifunctional Zeolite based Catalysts and Innovative process for Sustainable Hydrocarbon Transformation”

terra eurecat

H2020-SPIRE / 2015-2019; ID: 677471; Title: “Tandem Electrocatalytic Reactor for energy/Resource efficiency And process intensification”

eco2co2 eurecat

FP7-NMP / 2012 – 2015; ID: 309701; Title: “Eco-friendly biorefinery fine chemicals from CO2 photo-catalytic reduction”

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