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Innovative products, materials, technologies and digital systems

– Disseny de sistemes de seguretat
– Tecnologia d’assegurament (resposta a incidents, gestió de l’assessorament)
– Intel·ligència (explotació de grans volums de dades, gestió de la intel·ligència)
– Identitat i privacitat
– Seguretat en Cloud Computing

Eurecat, at the forefront of technological-scientific advances, to meet the needs of the present and the challenges of the future

Thanks to its vast experience, Eurecat offers highly specialised services and products in the field of online security and key asset protection, for individual people, institutions and smart cities. This technological portfolio includes fraud and cybercrime prevention and mitigation services, security systems for highly distributed new-generation environments and data analysis and interpretation systems for sales, marketing and mobility systems.

Eurecat offers business products and solutions for digital asset protection key,

both of individuals, institutions, and smart cities

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