xavier catasus eurecat

Xavier Catasús

Business Development Health

Tel. +34 637 816 439

francesc massana eurecat

Francesc Massana

Project Manager Health

Tel. +34 689 626 175

Innovative products, materials, technologies and digital systems

– Medical devices, implants, instrumental, orthotics and technical aids. Biomechanical validation.
– Technical garments.

– Manufacture of personalised products.
– Manufacture of microfluidic chips for lab-on-a-chip systems, for both short series and industrialisation.

Telecare and telemedicine combined with devices, wearables and smart fabrics.

– Biosensors.
– Interactive avatars and serious games with educational, preventive and / or therapeutic purposes. Biofeedback: technologies that monitor the emotional and cognitive impact of audiovisual contents.

Development of decision support systems, patient stratification, generation of predictive models and analytical tools for large heterogeneous databases: clinical, scientific, lifestyle, etc. Identification of in silico biomarkers.
Development of mobile support apps integrated into the clinical history, to foster healthy habits, adherence to treatments and the active involvement of patients in their own healthcare
Quantification of cost / piece and calculation of the necessary investments, optimising the materials, design and processes to be used in the industrial phase.

Eurecat, at the forefront of technological-scientific advances, to meet the needs of the present and the challenges of the future.

Eurecat works  with the entire value chain of the health technologies sector, from companies to hospitals, to offer innovative products, technologies and processes in order to meet unresolved clinical needs and to move towards personalised, preventive, predictive and participatory medicine. The idea behind these initiatives is to achieve the sustainability of the healthcare systems.

Eurecat has invested more than €20 million

in R & D & I for the healthcare sector in the last 7 years.

New products, materials, technologies and processes designed to serve the company and healthcare system

Instrumental quirúrgic d'alta presició

High-precision surgical instruments for the BMF (Barcelona Macula Foundation), for research in retinal diseases.

Soles per a calçat sensoritzada

Sole for sensorised footwear, for the analysis of the risk of falling in elderly people



The ekauri platform for advanced remote healthcare for elderly persons with special needs.