We have differential scientific and technological capabilities to move towards a smarter, more efficient and sustainable industry.

At Eurecat we generate, develop and apply digital manufacturing and advancement technologies at the service of industrial plants for highly optimized, customized manufacturing, zero defects production, predictive maintenance, smart products, etc. We provide innovative solutions for each type of company and sector in areas such as artificial intelligence, collaborative robotics, automation, 3D printing, plastronics, chemical technologies, functional textiles or circularity and sustainability of composite materials.




New technology for the generation of green hydrogen. The H-LEAF project develops a PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolyser based on a new national patented technology. H-LEAF focuses on the research of new scalable and sustainable components, coatings, materials and processes to overcome current limitations in the [...]



Acceleration and adoption of innovative solutions based on microcapsules for the development and production of biopesticides. The FarmCOM project creates an innovative platform for multidisciplinary research to produce biopesticides with acceleration and adoption of innovative microcapsule solutions. These solutions will provide a significant contribution to the [...]

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