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From idea to production.

Applied R&D projects, specialized assessment, laboratories, functional materials and smart management systems for a more efficient, productive, and competitive industry.


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    eva fite eurecat

    Eva Fité

    Head of Manufacturing Business

    Tel. +34 639 320 461

    Marta Albertí

    Business Development Manager of Materials Processing and Capital Equipment

    Antoni Camí

    Business Development Manager Digital Manufacturing

    Tel. +34 636 21 56 55

    Lucio Grether

    Business Manager Packaging Sector


    Eurecat defines “materials processing” as the industrial phase that marks the commencement of the production process, in which raw materials are transformed into semi-finished products that are then given their final form by other industries. For its part, the “capital equipment” industry transforms semi-finished products into production-oriented equipment that is used by other industries and to manufacture machinery and electronic equipment, etc.

    In both of these fields, Eurecat provides assistance and support throughout the entire process: characterising processes and improving them by adding additives to materials, integrating new technologies into traditional industrial processes, developing and conceptualising products and machinery, and promoting industrial automation and robotics.



    plastics eurecat


    • Incorporation of functionality into moulded parts via in-mould electronics, nanotexturing, PVD and compounding.

    • Reinforced structures: Overmoulding of compound sheets.

    • Designing complex moulds and parts and optimising the injection process for thermoplastics and silicone. Simulating the filling process and performing tests at the laboratory and industrial level and at the client’s own premises.

    • Incorporating new technologies into the design or production process: 3D printing, ultrasound, microwave, photonics.

    • Coatings.

    • Characterisation of materials and processes: Determining the material composition of a particular part; surface analysis; and analysis of the mechanisms behind a loss of properties and/or failure. Technical advice on the selection of materials and processes.

    • Compounding and composites:

      • Bespoke additivation of materials.
      • Development of lightweight parts with high levels of mechanical performance using advanced manufacturing technologies.
      • Manufacture of thermoplastic compounds with high added value through extrusion and compounding.
      • Monofilament extrusion, hand lay-up, vacuum-bag moulding, RTM, pressforming, HDF, autoclave and oven moulding.
      • Tailor-made structural textiles and preforms: development of hybrid fibres and textiles, design and manufacture of textile structures in accordance with geometry and application.
    • Product design: From concept to pre-series.

    processes eurecat

    New manufacturing processes

    • 3D printing:

      • New 3D printing materials in line with desired characteristics.
      • Optimisation of printing parameters based on the material and technology used.
      • Printing of advanced materials.
      • Characterisation of the printed material.
      • Development of new machinery for additive manufacturing.
      • Topology optimisation.
      • Generative design.
    • Ultrasound:

      • Application of ultrasound to industrial processes and/or machinery.
      • Ad hoc design and simulation of sonotrodes.
      • Experimental analysis and optimisation of the industrial process.
    • Microwaves and plasma:

      • Application of microwaves to industrial processes and machinery.
        • Curing and drying processes, material decomposition, water heating.
      • Design of plasma generators.
      • New microwave-welding processes.
      • Waste treatment.
    • Photonics:

      • Development of light sources.
      • Optical sensors.
      • Microfluidic devices with photonic interrogation.
      • Characterisation of materials using spectroscopy techniques.

    metals eurecat


    • Advanced characterisation and advisory services. Properties, microstructure, performance, forming.

    • Lightweighting: Pilot plant for aluminium die-casting (HPDC). New alloys, vacuum moulding, dehydrogenation using ultrasound, salt cores.

    • Functional surfaces: Corrosion and deterioration, tribology, surfacing technologies.

    • Pilot plant for hot and cold stamping.

    • Simulation of forming processes:

      • Cold forming: Folding, cutting, drawing, stamping.
      • Hot forming: Thermal optimisation of dies, microstructural prediction, analysis of forming defects.
      • Continuous casting and conventional casting.
      • Powder metallurgy. Atomisation, mould-filling, compacting.
      • Fusion welding, adhesives.

    Smart Management Systems eurecat

    Smart Management Systems

    • Optimisation of operations, processes and resources: Monitoring, data analysis, forecasting and intervention using advanced algorithms.

    • Near-Zero Defects: Application of advanced AI technologies with self-learning capacities to predict defects in parts in real time. Assistance with the setting-up process and self-adjusting parameters for machinery.

    • Predictive maintenance: Diagnostics services for machinery breakdowns, calculations of useful life. Route optimisation and augmented reality to help support operators.

    • Worker of the future: Workforce management modules and automated management of work orders. Sensor-equipped clothing for monitoring health; operator positioning systems; knowledge bases.

    • Smart products: Products that are fitted with sensors and are able to send data throughout their useful lives. This data will be used to continuously improve the product and the user experience.

    • Roadmap 4.0.

    robotics eurecat

    Robotics and automation

    • Industrial robotics: Robotic cells, tooling design, collaborative robotics, modelling and advanced simulation, multi-modal and intuitive programming.

    • Autonomous robotics: Air and land vehicles, autonomous navigation and control, sensors and actuators.

    • Automation and mechatronics: Process control, sensors and actuators, embedded systems, artificial vision, automated quality control.

    sustainability eurecat


    • Recovery:

      • Water: treatment, reuse, recovery of compounds and energy.
      • Waste: evaluation, stabilisation and disposal.
      • Ground, groundwater and sediments: treatment and recovery.
    • Energy:

      • Energy: energy efficiency, thermal and electrical systems, integration of renewable energies and microgrids.
      • Batteries and electric vehicles: new systems for energy storage and sustainable mobility.

    process simulation eurecat

    Process simulation

    • Thermodynamic processes.

    • Fluid-dynamic processes.

    • Analysis and optimisation.

    • Simulation of forming processes.


    Foundrytile eurecat

    Providing iron foundries with a means to recover the waste they generate, with a view to reusing the waste in the production processes of the ceramics industry.

    raw materials eurecat

    Optimising the handling and processing of raw materials under difficult working conditions.

    erica eurecat

    Improving the competitiveness of SMEs in the field of efficient and sustainable manufacturing through cooperation and knowledge transfer between clusters and technology centres.

    logimatic eurecat

    High-precision positioning system for the automation of port logistics vehicles.

    mimant eurecat

    Creation of a complete online training programme on the most innovative microfabrication technologies at the technical and economic level.

    3DELECPRINT eurecat

    Development of an integrated flexible robotics platform to print electronic and/or wired sensors onto rigid and geometrically complex parts in 3D.

    encoder eurecat

    Development of a new generation of smart, flexible, customisable and robust encoders for use in the food production environment.

    extrulight eurecat

    Development of a new generation of smart, flexible, customisable and robust encoders for use in the food production environment.