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Exceptional and industrially feasible solutions to optimise your costs and enhance your competitive edge.

Studies to evaluate technical and economic feasibility in the development and market launch of new industrial processes.

– Industrial trials and laboratory tests on thermoplastic moulds: mono- material, bi-material, tri-material and extrusion blow moulding.
– Industrial and laboratory testing of thermoforming
– Industrial and laboratory testing of composites: HDF, RTM , alloys, etc.
– Industrial and laboratory testing of compounding.
– Industrial and laboratory testing of light alloys: aluminium, zamak , …
– Industrial and laboratory testing of dieless or incremental sheet forming.
– Industrial and laboratory testing of electric vehicle batteries.

Integration of industrial robotics and collaborative robotics: machining, deburring, polishing, thermal projection, dieless, handling, man-robot collaboration, …
Integration of automation in industrial processes: composites, thermoforming, extrusion blow moulding
Quality control of production processes: artificial vision, scanner, laser, thermography, etc…
Training in industrial processes: injection, composites, robotics, automation…
Consultation in technology and innovation, and technological transfer of new industrial processes

Eurecat, vast experience and knowledge of R & D in industrial processes

Together with the industrial fabric, the Centre addresses innovation from a totally cross-disciplinary approach that affects the processes of consultation, technical assistance and specialised training.

From the adaptation and customisation of components and systems through rapid manufacturing processes, to the implementation of smart production systems, among others.

Cutting-edge infrastructures to enhance the processes of the industrial fabric:

Eurecat has thermoplastic injection laboratories, light alloy labs, thermoforming laboratories, compounding laboratories, Dieless laboratories, robotics laboratories: collaborative and industrial and robotics laboratories, and composites labs: HDF, RTM, PREG-PREG, pultrusion ...

We apply the best solutions to global integration in the process industrialisation



Turnkey robotic integration for companies such as Modelporex, ITOSA, Aguilar and Salas.



Assistance in industrialisation at companies such as Airborne, Carbures and Airbus, among others.



Services for the process industrialisation for companies including Reydel, Faurecia and Seat, among others.

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