Applied research and development services are the base of the Eurecat’s activity.

· Market-specific applications for industry needs
· New knowledge acquisition
· Transfer of knowledge for the creation of new products, processes and services
· Improvement of existing products, processes and services

A multidisciplinary and international team made up of more than 600 scientists and technologists specialising in engineering (industrial, textile, aerospace, telecommunications, etc.), industrial design, material technology, physics, chemistry, bioengineering, health sciences, mathematics, electronics, robotics, artificial intelligence, and ICT, among others, are currently carrying hundreds of R & D & I projects of diverse magnitudes and types.

Eurecat works for and with companies of all sizes and sectors on industrial and technology projects, to enhance their products and improve their positions and competitive edge in their reference markets.

Through the company-technology-centre projects, whether individually or in consortium, work is personalised to transfer knowledge and technology and to ensure the creation of a solid competitive edge for the company, generating industrial property and patents.

When companies, suppliers, technology centres, opinion leaders and end users join forces on joint research and development projects, there is inevitably a significant increase in the generation of knowledge. Moreover, the transfer process becomes highly efficient and applicable.

Eurecat builds and manages partnership projects. Moreover, it exploits their results to benefit the sector at large, and in particular to the advantage of all participating agents.

Eurecat helps companies to create and develop new product concepts that resolve technology and market opportunities in a distinct way and for different levels of innovation (evolutionary, disruptive or radical).

By applying the latest technologies and the most cutting-edge processes, such as design thinking, CAD-CAE design, the creation of prototypes and the virtual simulation laboratory, we generate distinctive, innovative, efficient, profitable, eco-sustainable products that are tailored to the latest trends associated with Smart Products and the Internet of Things.