Innovation in the health sector: novel solutions, materials and technologies


24th January 2020
from 09:00h to 13:00h

Eurecat Cerdanyola 
Av. Universitat Autònoma, 23
08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona (Spain)

Eurecat, under the framework of Optogenerapy project, organises this event to present the latest advances in materials and technologies for healthcare and medical applications to meet unresolved clinical needs and move forward towards the development of new products and services to improve people’s wellbeing and increase sustainability in current healthcare systems.

During the event, the potential of combining optogenetics with novel functional printing and electronics technologies for the development of medical devices will be illustrated via Optogenerapy project success case. It will also cover the latest innovations in biocompatible plastics, textile solutions and others materials for the health sector and present technologies such as Ultrasonic Moulding for the manufacturing of complex medical devices.

In addition, the event will also include a visit to Eurecat’s Plastronics Pilot Plant, the first of its kind in Europe consisting of two cleanrooms enabling an orderly combination of different manufacturing processes with great potential for the development of medical applications.

Why you should assist?

  • If you are a company, organisation or start-up interested in knowing about the latest innovations in technologies and materials for biomedical and healthcare applications.
  • If you are a manufacturer, tester or distributor of biomedical and health devices.
  • If you are interested in R&D in health and medicine and want to know about what was achieved in Optogenerapy EU project.





Institutional welcome

  • Francesc Massana, Business Development, Health & Sport Industries at Eurecat


Optogenerapy Case: The first wireless cell-based biophotonic implantable device, results’ overview and challenges

  • Biotza Gutiérrez, Optogenerapy Project Coordinator from Eurecat’s Public Programmes
  • Marc Folcher, Senior Scientist and Lecturer in bioengineering in the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at ETHZ, Optogenerapy’s Technical Coordinator
  • Françoise Piguet, researcher at NEUROGENCELL, INSERM U1127
  • Daniel Canavan, Researcher and Development Engineer in Boston Scientific, Clonmel


Advanced medical materials: biomaterials, plastic materials & composites 

  • Carlos Saez, Senior Researcher in the Unit of Polymeric Materials and Processes at Eurecat


Flexible printed electronics concepts and potential applications in the healthcare sector, success cases

  • Alejandra Ben Aissa, Researcher at Functional Printing & Embedded Devices Unit at Eurecat


Coffee Break


Functional textiles and wearables

  • Virginia Garcia, Director of Functional Textiles Unit at Eurecat


Biotechnologies (omics sciences and nutrition & health services)

  • Pedro Nadal, Biotechnology Business Development Manager at Eurecat


Product Development in Medical Sector

  • Liberto Ascanio, Project Manager at Eurecat


Ultrasonic Moulding, an enabling technology for manufacturing complex micro pieces for the biomedical sector

  • Joaquín Rodríguez, R&D Project Manager at Ultrasion


Optical systems for medical devices and medical applications

  • Thomas Siegel, Head of R&D at ASE Optics Europe


Medical Technology Solution. Cranial and spinal neurosurgery innovative devices capturing the demands of the surgical market

  • Alba de los Santos, R&D Engineer & Project Manager at Neos Surgery


Visit to Eurecat’s Plastronics Pilot Plant

  • Enric Fontdecaba, Director of Eurecat’s Polymeric Materials Unit 
  • Xavier Calzadilla, Printing Lab Manager – Functional Plastics Pilot plant


Event Closure
Francesc Massana, Business Development, Health & Sport Industries at Eurecat

Networking Lunch


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