Highly specialized training

Open Training

Eurecat offers an extensive ongoing schedule of specialised courses that are given at the Eurecat headquarters through 2 annual course schedules.

Drawing on the infrastructures of the technology centre, these classes are markedly practical, as their primary purpose is to meet the needs of companies.

We have innovative educational resources: computerised rooms, workshops and laboratories equipped with the most advanced technology in Cerdanyola del Vallès, Sabadell, Mataró, Canet de Mar, Manresa and Barcelona.

We also have a Virtual Studies Centre, where we offer semi-distance-learning and online courses.

Postgraduate Training

The Eurecat postgraduate courses are immersed in an ecosystem of innovation and provide updated pioneer knowledge, distinctive contents from highly specialised areas.

The postgraduate students can enjoy this environment offered by the technology centre, which enables the transfer of knowledge from the instructors to the researchers.

In company training

The in-company courses, which specialise in design and aim to provide training programmes that are tailored to the needs of client companies and organisations. They are exclusive courses in their respective sectors, and what sets them apart is their eminently practical nature.

These courses enable participants to focus on solving the specific problems of their customers, while at the same time providing technical staff with specialised training in their own field of work

Occupational training

The occupational training courses are designed to improve the professional qualifications of the students and to promote quality employment and job insertion.

Eurecat offers governmentally funded training for unemployed workers or for active professionals who need to improve their skills and hence their employability.

We also have a personalised consultation service for professional orientation and free job listings for our students.

francesc llobet

Francesc Llobet

Business Development Manager Transversal Markets – Training

Tel. +34 620 880 841

Francesc Llobet

Business Development Manager Transversal Markets – Training

Tel. +34 600 569 433