Inspira Lab

Eurecat’s service to accelerate technological innovation

Agile concept projects to provide tangible and valid solutions to the challenges
faced by companies and society

We explore, tangibilize and validate solutions to your technological challenges by providing agile
concept tests

Eurecat’s Inspira Lab methodology aims to help companies mitigate the gap between ideas and their validation with demonstrators or functional prototypes.

Through its multi-technological capabilities and experience in R&D&I projects, Eurecat offers the differential equipment necessary to materialize, test and validate innovative solutions to the technological challenges presented by companies.

What will you get at the end of the Inspira Lab process?

Disruptive concepts co-created through a multi-technological vision
and validated with functional concept tests

At the end of the Inspira Lab process, you will obtain tangible and validated concepts that will help you to make decisions about the suitability of approaching the longest and most expensive phases of final development, industrialization and commercialization. We apply a holistic approach, from our 4 areas of expertise (industrial, digital, biotechnology and sustainability) to address proofs of concept in the following areas:

Materials, chemistry and advanced processes

Digital technologies

Medical devices

Products and smart environments

Biotechnology and personalized health

Robotics and automation

Sustainability, efficiency and circularity

New concepts, processes or digital solutions validated in our laboratories and differential pilot plants

To carry out the manufacture and materialization of demonstrators and prototypes of new concepts, processes and digital solutions, Eurecat has more than 20 laboratories covering a wide range of fields with the necessary capabilities to evaluate their effectiveness.

We work with companies to integrate Eurecat’s multi-technological capabilities along with the company’s own knowledge

The Inspira Lab services are structured in 3 phases that go from the identification of opportunities to the validation of the concepts created, in a period of 3 months depending on the complexity of the challenge.


Research and co-creation

We identify challenges and opportunities for innovation through workshops based on co-creation. We inspire and generate new disruptive ideas.


Conceptualize and visualize

We work internally with the different technological units to address the different conceptualization needs.


Tangibilization and validation

We develop and materialize new products with a multi-technological vision. We ensure efficient results with laboratory concept tests.

We use Design Thinking to address challenges with a 360º vision

We use Visual & Manual Thinking to enhance creativity and intuition

We use abstraction, techniques, manual work, audiovisual inspiration and sensory stimulation.

We simulate a day in the life of the user and the experience of use

We immerse ourselves in the life of the user-consumer through role-play simulation to identify insights and define innovation scenarios.

We observe and co-create with the consumer-user

We carry out ethnographic studies focused on different scenarios to discover insights. We co-create with users to identify opportunities, create solutions and test new concepts.

We devise, inspire and define new concepts

We carry out co-creation sessions with company teams, together with Eurecat, to identify inspirations and generate ideas for concepts that respond to the challenge of innovation.

We build conceptual prototypes

Working prototypes to experiment basic aspects of the generated concepts.

Outstanding concept projects

Exploration of lighter batteries, with higher density and higher speed
of charge.

Creation of a fuel cell by means of
printed electronics.

Implementation of plastronics
for automotive interiors.

Creation of interactive surfaces for home and professional kitchens.

Improving the efficiency of the railway sector through lighter materials.

Integration of engraving cameras
to operating room caps.


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The Inspira Lab methodology is the result of years of experience of Eurecat developing technological innovation projects with companies from different sectors: from the idea to its validation and implementation in the market. We identify opportunities and validate them through proofs of concept, in a short period of time.

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