Defining prototypes and pilot projects that become innovative, scalable and financially feasible models, to provide them with functional testing and design

EEurecat provides companies with equipment, technological infrastructures and laboratories for their processes relating to technological development, testing and certifications for materials, devices, products and processes.

· Automation and Mechatronics
· Virtual Product Improvement Laboratory
· Regulatory Evaluation Laboratory
· Technical Assistance in Moulds and Processes
· Laboratory of Materials
· Surface Treatment Laboratory for Functional Printing
· Smart Objects Laboratory
· Research, Textile Technology and High-Performance Fabrics Laboratory
· Culture and Tourism Laboratory
· Virtual Viewing Laboratory
· Audio Laboratory
· App Testing and Certification Laboratory
· Laboratory of non-destructive tests by high power x-ray axial tomography (partnering with AF Tomography Center)

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LThe production of industrial short series or pre-series is a necessary accompaniment for our technological supply and an essential service for companies that need an industrialisation model that is close to the market, so as to present the utilities of the new prototypes to the distribution channel and nearby agents.

We offer companies a specialised network of technology partners that can bring to fruition the concepts and prototypes developed in previous phases and incorporate them into the existing chain of production with maximum guarantees.

AThrough these lines of work, we develop or integrate our own technologies and external technologies into smart systems that form part of products, which in turn have been custom-created in keeping with the specific needs of each project.