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Eurecat offers a complete service for the draft of a detailed action plan that defines the strategy for technology innovation and development at the company, as well as the procedures and systems to carry out R & D & I within the company. This service aims to identify the specific aspects that can be innovated and developed through a personalised plan, to ensure that such innovation in products or services is carried to term in an orderly, agile and effective manner. The main phases of the service are:

  • Diagnosis of the innovation process and technological capacities of the company
  • Strategic reflection and creation of structures
  • Definition of innovation systems
  • Management of the project portfolio
  • Personalised training plan
  • Follow-up and stimulation of the process

A consultation service to assist companies when presenting R & D & I projects for lines of public funding and their subsequent management and justification. Main lines of funding:

The method for the implementation of advanced technology solutions takes in:

  • Conceptual design
  • Functional analysis
  • Creation of a focus group for the check functions
  • Architecture of the solution and certification of its final quality
Eurecat provides important information for the taking of well-founded decisions in technology purchase processes. It is at the forefront of innovative state-of-the-art technology solutions in its areas of experience, it has extensive knowledge of the ICT sector and of the available suppliers and solutions.

Competitive intelligence affords access to important technological and market information, for support in the company’s strategic decision-making process. Primary services:

  • Technological surveillance.
  • Protection and exploitation of the results of research.
  • Intellectual property studies (patents).
  • Studies on technological trends (prospective).

We provide consultation services to the public administration in defining, implementing and monitoring policies and strategies that foster the competitive edge of the region, based on the acceleration of the innovation cycle.

  • International benchmarking of policies and strategies to stimulate industry and business in the region
  • Definition of strategies and policies to stimulate industry and business in the region
  • Evaluation and monitoring of the impact of proposed measures
  • Support in the creation of technology, research and innovation centres

For Eurecat, culture and tourism are important factors for the development of quality of life, the economy and the entire region. For this reason, we work to transfer knowledge and technology to companies, organisations and public institutions with the aim of innovating in the presentation and management of heritage and in the development of cultural, culture-based leisure, recreation and tourism projects, regional development and the creative economy. Our experience is primarily focused on:

  • Creation of spaces, platforms and interactive cultural and tourism projects with a significant multimedia communication component.
  • Creation of environments and virtual applications for research in the field of museums, cultural heritage and cultural outreach.
  • Urban revitalisation and creative economics projects
  • Museological and museographic projects, usage plans, and strategic, tourism-related, management and feasibility plans.
  • Cooperative projects with countries in Asia and Latin America.
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