Centre for water management excellence

Development and implementation of new sustainable technologies applied to management of water as a basic resource for the circular economy.

Eurecat applies the concepts of sustainability and circular economy to new technologies, in orders to improve the integral water cycle, which increases the competitive edge of many business sectors while benefitting society at large.

In addition to the expertise and scientific and technological talent of the Eurecat team, the Centre count with laboratories and pilot plants, scientific equipment and data processing centres. All of these facilities enable Eurecat to meet the current and future challenges of water management, which constitute its main research lines (R&D&i):

– Water treatment, regeneration and reuse

– Recovery of valuable components from water (nutrients, metals and biomolecules).

– Purification and distribution.

– Water-power connection, with special emphasis on the production of energy tied to water treatment.

– Decontamination of underground waters (nitrates, hydrocarbons, organochlorine compounds and metals).

– Quantitative analysis of the risk for human health.

– Analysis of the life cycle and costs of water management.

– Advanced chemical and microbiological analyses.

– Design, development and deployment of smart tools and platforms for:

  • Flood management.
  • Watering management.
  • Water assignment and distribution.
  • Management of pumping systems.
  • Management of wastes associated with the water cycle.
  • Comprehensive resource management (“water-energy-food nexus”).
  • Analysis of user profiles and consumption.

– Decision support systems.

– Applied artificial intelligence, optimisation algorithms, semantic website and connected data.

– Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

– Interoperability systems and exchange of information based on open standards of the water domain.

– Simulation tools

– Games and gamification.

– Mobile applications.

Eurecat leads of the RIS3CAT Water Community, a cooperative innovation strategy that brings together companies and suppliers with headquarters in Catalonia that work in the water sector.

At an international level, Eurecat is a member of Watershare®, in which centres of excellence around the world pool their knowledge through the creation and use of information tools for the water sector. It also forms part of the Hydrology Work Group of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®); and it is a member of EIP on Water Action Group, in which is a working member of the CTRL-SWAN and a leader of the City Bluepints, Additionally, Eurecat is a member of the ICT4Water Cluster, which brings together the projects funded by the European Union in the ICT and water fields.

Finally, Eurecat is a member of the Catalan Water Partnership (CWP) and the Spanish Water Technology Platform (PTEA).