Green Cities & Industries encompasses a comprehensive set of sectors and value chains that are deeply interrelated with raw materials, energy and construction.

These sectors are key to the transition to sustainable development and comprise several industries that play a crucial role in the global economy and climate change mitigation.




Ecological implications of restoring sediment flows in regulated rivers. The ECOSEDRIV project understands and quantifies the interactions between suspended sediments, flow regime and biological communities in highly regulated rivers to design new reservoir management schemes to restore sediment flow towards the coast in a sustainable way. [...]



Protection and restoration of  marine protected areas in the Mediterranean. The EFFECTIVE project develops a comprehensive scientific knowledge base and practical guidance, combining science, technological, nature-based solutions, digitalization, and social engagement, for the application of the ecosystem-based management to the protection and restoration of the EU’s [...]



Identification, classification and catalogue of nature-based solutions in Spain that allow planning and maximizing benefits in the fight against climate change. The Systematization of Nature-Based Solutions in Spain (E:SBN) project establishes a system for identifying, classifying and cataloguing Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) created in different types of [...]

News of the sector

Eurecat taps artificial intelligence in new advanced manufacturing solutions for the textile, automotive and construction sectors

April 12th, 2024|0 Comments

The Eurecat technology centre has showcased at the Advanced Factories trade fair advanced manufacturing solutions drawing on artificial intelligence to transform industrial processes in the textile, automotive, construction and other sectors and unlock Industry 4.0 in enterprises. Specifically, Eurecat has exhibited at Advanced Factories a solution harnessing photonics, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence algorithms developed for large-diameter circular knitting machines which predicts potential manufacturing defects in [...]

Eurecat develops new filtration processes to save water and resources in industry

April 10th, 2024|0 Comments

The Eurecat technology centre has developed a new process harnessing membrane technologies to treat liquid effluents from industrial processes and promote saving and recovering water and resources which can be reused in industrial operations. It is on show for the first time at the Advanced Factories trade fair at Fira Barcelona. They are cutting-edge solutions in advanced membrane technologies for effluent treatment whose operation makes it possible to [...]

  • eurecat rebuild construcció

Digital twins, robotics and CO2 capture are just some of Eurecat’s innovations for decarbonising and digitalising construction

March 26th, 2024|0 Comments

The Eurecat technology centre has presented at Rebuild, the flagship event for the construction industry, technological solutions in areas such as decarbonisation and CO2 capture, robotisation and waste recovery to unlock sustainability, digitalisation and automation in the sector. “The innovations are closely aligned with the big challenges and opportunities in the construction industry which include stepping up the energy performance of buildings, automating production processes, creating new materials [...]

Eurecat unveils battery, hydrogen, robotics, new materials and plastronics technologies for sustainable mobility at eMobility World Congress

February 12th, 2024|0 Comments

At the eMobility Expo World Congress, which brings together the European mobility industry from 13-15 February in Valencia, the Eurecat technology centre is to unveil its latest-generation technologies and solutions in batteries and electrification, hydrogen, robotics, new lightweight materials, plastronics and artificial intelligence to unlock sustainable mobility. “Eurecat will bring outstanding innovations to businesses to optimise the competitiveness, sustainability and efficiency of the value chain of the mobility industry [...]

  • Tendències industrials Eurecat 2024

Generative AI, breakthroughs in sensor technology and the potential of photovoltaic energy among the industry trends which will shape 2024

January 24th, 2024|0 Comments

The introduction of generative artificial intelligence in virtually every link of the supply chains of many industrial sectors, the replacement of synthetic fibres in the textile industry and its resulting impact on the reduction of microplastics, breakthroughs in automotive sensor technology and the push for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the potential of photovoltaic energy owing to the industrial scaling of new perovskite and silicon solar cells [...]

Eurecat points to generative artificial intelligence as the technology trendsetter for 2024

December 21st, 2023|0 Comments

The Eurecat technology centre predicts that 2024 will be the year of exploiting generative artificial intelligence which will yield solutions developed for a wide range of sectors including healthcare, construction, manufacturing, education, finance, retail and government. Daniel Casellas, Eurecat’s scientific director, notes “the enormous potential which is opening up to ensure that new technological developments in generative artificial intelligence are transferred to various sectors so the solutions can [...]