Product Innovation & Multiphysics Simulation

The Product Innovation & Multiphysics Simulation Unit helps companies to design and develop the technology for their new products by offering outstanding value propositions with a multidisciplinary vision that incorporates all of Eurecat’s technology.


smart objects eurecat

Smart objects

  • Development of complex products that involve electronics.

  • Digital interconnection between objects and the internet.

aeronautics eurecat


  • Simulation using Eurecat methodology with the sector’s leading companies.

design plastic paarts eurecat

Design of plastic parts

  • From concept to pre-series.

  • Solution of mechanical problems.

design for additive manufacturing eurecat

Design for additive manufacturing

  • Topology optimisation.

  • Generative design.


product design and development eurecat

Product design and development

  • Identification of innovation opportunities and conceptualisation of new products.

  • Smart products, Internet of Things.

  • Computer-assisted design (CAD).

  • Aesthetic design.

simulation eurecat


  • CAE simulation, fluid simulation.

  • Rheological simulation.

prototyping eurecat


  • Prototype development.

dieless eurecat


  • Manufacturing of short series with ISF (incremental sheet forming).




Incremental Sheet Forming (ISF) Technology

Most representative sectors


Key projects

Hypermembrane project


Standarised and industrialised product for the construction of light architectural structures that need to reproduce complex geometry surfaces.

Bresaer project


New cladding system for building façades and roofs to make these processes more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Optician 2020 eurecat

Optician 2020

Personalised spectacles adapted to the morphology of each user based on the use of 3D printing technologies and local manufacturing.



Biomedical implants that activate a therapeutic cellular response of the body for people suffering from intracranial aneurysms and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Product Innovation & Multiphysics Simulation Team

Irene Rafols

Director of the Product Innovation & Multiphysics Simulation Unit at Eurecat

Irene Rafols is a qualified architect, having graduated from ETSAB – Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain) and holds a master’s degree in computer-integrated engineering from CIM – Polytechnic University of Catalonia. For over 10 years, she has led and participated in various funded R&D projects (both national and European) and developed products for private companies in a range of sectors, including medicine, sports, construction and consumer goods. She also holds three patents.

She currently directs the Product Development Unit at Eurecat, specialising in the development of new products from concept to first series with a great degree of technological innovation, a benefit offered by all technological departments at Eurecat. For two years now, she has been promoting research into DFAM (design for additive manufacturing) within the department she leads, focusing resources on topology optimisation, the structural characterisation of the mesoscale level, and the effects of different additive manufacturing technologies on the piece’s final geometry and mechanical performance.