Eurecat is committed to innovation and sustainability in the tourism industry by unleashing technological solutions which make businesses and destinations more competitive while enhancing the experience of travellers and locals alike


Rolando García

Head of Business Development – Tourism

Tel. +34 633 382 398

Ignacio de las Cuevas

Ignacio de las Cuevas

Head of Global Partnership

Manager of the Center of Excellence in Tourism Innovation

Tel. +34 977 394 871

We team up with the entire tourism value chain and socioeconomic stakeholders, including transport, accommodation, leisure and tech businesses, to build technological tools which make the industry more competitive and enhance the experience and wellbeing of people


Smart Tourism platforms

  • Devising and developing platforms to cross-reference data on tourist flights, cruises, hotel occupancy, ticket sales, etc.

  • Designing and tracking statistical indicators on mobility and socioeconomic stakeholders for advanced data analysis

  • Designing instruments and KPIs to unpack the impact and evolution of tourism supply and demand (occupancy, overnight stays, cost, satisfaction) using data garnered from service providers

Tourist flows and sustainable mobility

  • Heritage conservation studies, international benchmarks and best practice recommendations based on sustainable mobility

  • Analysing tourist profiles to generate indicators and specific segments tapping big data

  • Studies in places with high traffic and points of interest (POIs) at mass gatherings (festivals, sports events, etc.)

AI-driven models

  • Studies in places with high traffic and points of interest (POIs) at mass gatherings (festivals, sports events, etc.)

  • Mobility analysis and resource needs forecasting based on Wi-Fi use in enclosed areas

  • Harnessing artificial intelligence to respond to customer enquiries and comments/reviews or craft bespoke campaigns

Research on sustainability and circularity in innovation projects

  • Advanced studies on sustainability and tourism, international benchmarks and best practice recommendations

  • Pinpointing barriers and strategies to address climate change anchored in water efficiency and waste management and reduction

  • Circular Transformation Plan (Blaumar Hotel)

Roadmaps and transformation tools to streamline resources

  • Roadmaps for digital and circular transformation of enterprises

  • Setting up self-diagnosis tools to measure how digitally mature companies are

Tourism Surveillance and Trends Analysis

  • Drawing up prospective reports to identify, evaluate and anticipate information from four components:

    • Monitoring market consumer needs, lifestyles and socio-cultural trends
    • Monitoring the situation including legislative, environmental and socio-cultural aspects
    • Monitoring emerging technologies, technological breakthroughs and discontinuities
    • Monitoring competitors, products and services under development or available in major markets

Developing apps to enhance the tourist experience

  • Building smart recommendation systems to suggest to tourists the experiences which best meet their needs

  • Developing self-manageable all-round platforms to deliver marketplace experiences, furnish valuable information and enhance the user experience with multimedia technologies including augmented reality, virtual reality and gamification

Training for tourism businesses

  • Online specialised tourism training course platform

  • Course recommendation algorithms for a range of student profiles

  • Courses about current issues in the tourism industry

Differential initiatives

CoE in Toursim Innovation, at the forefront of tourism innovation

The Center of Excellence in Tourism Innovation (CoE) is a public-private initiative coordinated by Eurecat which plays a pivotal role in transforming the tourism industry by unlocking innovation, sustainability and competitiveness in businesses and destinations alike.

It is a leader in applied research which scrutinises tourism activity and draws up recommendations on constructive policies and instruments to enhance the potential of tourism destinations. Its work strands address sustainability, tourism intelligence systems, digital transformation, talent and innovation.

The CoE operates along the entire value chain of the tourism industry, supporting related businesses, tourists and locals to ensure they are cohesive.

More initiatives


Centre de Resiliència Climàtica

Active members

Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya

New European Media


Tech Tourism Cluster



Outstanding projects

Tourism Data System (TDS)

Developing a platform for gathering data on tourist occupancy rates in Catalonia

The TDS Catalunya platform leverages an online survey system to manage and analyse the evolution of the operations of accommodation businesses and compare them with the destination’s overall statistics, the kind of accommodation and other tourism brands.

Visitor forecasting in Salou

Building a predictive daily forecast model for tourists in Salou

Salou’s popularity as a tourist destination has prompted the development of a predictive model which furnishes data on future visitors to help tourism operators in the town to welcome them and cater for their needs.

Blaumar Hotel, Salou

Roadmap to make tourism undertakings more competitive and sustainable

We have supported the Blaumar Hotel in Salou in reworking and streamlining its resources founded on energy efficiency, digitalisation and organisational strategy to ramp up its productivity


Web app to personalise and enhance the family tourism experience on the Costa Daurada

Devising a web app for family tourism which delivers data on gamification, bookings and availability of resources on the Costa Daurada to provide and personalise tourist options when travelling with the family.



PECT TurisTIC en familia

Tourism Data System