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    Eurecat partners the public sector to support it in its future challenges involving digital transformation, ecological transition, health and wellbeing for people, sustainable and digitalised tourism, and training and capacity building in new technologies


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    Encarna Baras

    Head of Business Development, Public Sector Market

    Phone +34 682 863 658


    As part of the SDGs, Eurecat is the finest technological partner for governments which have to address a raft of challenges in five areas: Digital Transformation, Sustainability, Empowerment, Health and Wellbeing and Sustainable Tourism.

    transformació digital

    Digital Transformation, AI, IoT, Robotics

    • Chatbots.

    • Digitalisation for product personalisation.

    • Predictive intelligence.

    • Process and service optimisation.

    • Augmented reality.

    • Smart cities, Smart rural.

    • Smart mobility.

    • Robots.


    Ecological transition, Sustainability, Climate Change.

    • Technological advice.

    • Definition and evaluation of indicators.

    • Efficiency in resource management.

    • Smart systems.

    • Roadmaps for circular transformation and decarbonisation.

    • Electric mobility optimisation.

    • Sustainable solutions for contaminated soils.

    • Climate change adaptation and mitigation.


    LMS and LXP platforms

    • LMS – (Learning Management System). Structured digital medium which can host virtual training content in a standardised way with the ability to track learners throughout their learning journey.

    • LXP – (Learning Experience Platform). It adds the ability to create corporate environments for ongoing capacity building and knowledge management. They manage content which can be provided by users/customers themselves, building a scalable learning and knowledge co-creation ecosystem. They generate and galvanise learning communities for professional growth.

    salut i benestar

    Health and Wellbeing for people

    • Medical devices and telecare equipment for people.

    • Sport and healthy eating.

    • Digitalised and sustainable food chain.

    • Improving air quality.

    turisme sostenible

    Sustainable and digitalised tourism

    • AI for offer segmentation and visitor loyalty.

    • IoT and AI to manage and optimise mobility flows.

    • Optimising resource usage in tourist destinations.

    • Environmental impact of tourist activity.

    • New sustainable tourism models.

    How do we help the public sector?

    Eurecat offers the public sector bespoke technologies and services tailored to its needs anchored in four types of proposals: Advice, Capacity building, Strategy, assessment and knowledge and Initiatives to unlock innovation.


    • Innovation projects for the public sector.
    • Digital transformation processes (DIH, Accelera Pyme).
    • Support in presenting and driving aid programmes for the business sector to seize new opportunities by organising events in conjunction with government.
    • Managing technological change.
    • Technological advice in preparing and rolling out projects.


    • Capacity building in digital technologies.
    • Training in innovation and change management.
    • Improving individual and team talent.
    • Specialised training in new skills for specific sectors: electric vehicles and the automotive industry, tourism, food chain.


    • Technology watch on the major challenges in digital transformation, energy transition, circular economy, transport electrification, mobility, last mile distribution, tourism transformation and others tied to the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda.
    • Sector studies.
    • Innovation ecosystem building.
    • Impact studies.


    • Cooperation and advice in defining, implementing and conducting projects led by local authorities designed to unlock innovation.

    Success stories


    The CIDAI promotes knowledge transfer and joint projects between knowledge-generating organisations (universities, research and innovation centres), technology and service provider firms and user businesses and institutions looking for innovative solutions in applied artificial intelligence.


    Eurecat, one of the promoters of the Digital Innovation Hub of Catalonia (DIH4CAT), the hub for the digital transformation of SMEs.

    acelera pyme eurecat

    Acelera PYME is a project to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs in the region by raising awareness, mapping out transformation plans tailored to their needs and mentoring them in choosing the best suppliers for their implementation.


    Development of a network of labs in the region (OpenLabs) to turn them into a grid providing the starting point for the shift towards a sustainable ecosystem of research and innovation.


    The RIS3CAT Media Community is a group made up of 34 companies and stakeholders in the cultural and creative industries (CCI) that promote and add to an R&D and innovation action plan.


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