We are specialists in the design of new products and high-performance components, making intensive use of the lightweight materials concept, smart fabrics and surfaces for interior design, structural parts and all manner of mechanical elements for rolling stock and infrastructure.

We have proven experience in digital transformation; Smart Management Systems, artificial vision, IT Security, Big Data, offering high value-added solutions for Public Authorities, Operators (passengers and freight), Integrators and Engineering Practices in the railways sector.

We provide cutting-edge technology for critical infrastructure inspection using both land and airborne autonomous vehicles, along with the management and automation of complex processes.


Joan Cardona

Manager of Railways and Logistics sector

Tel. +34 626 512 651


David Pardos

Head of Mobility Business Unit

Tel. +34 93 594 47 00
Mov. +34 676 35 21 37



Eurecat provides integrated technological development and industrialisation support services for the entire railway and logistics industry value chain:

  • Public authorities and operators, agents involved in the management, construction and maintenance of infrastructure.
  • Engineering practices, builders of fixed assets, electrification and communications.
  • Rolling stock manufacturers, interior design, systems and components. And lastly, urban and intercity logistics agents.
Mobility project Eurecat

Development of projects for the digital transformation of mobility, development of new business models and generation of digital platforms delivering interoperable and intermodal systems.

Design and development of products and components applying advanced materials technology and complex functionalities to reduce weight, increase safety and improve quality, user experience and comfort. Advanced processes for short series manufacturing.

predictive platforms eurecat

Application of sensors and infrastructure connectivity to generate predictive maintenance management platforms. Inspection of infrastructure using autonomous land and airborne vehicles.

multimodal logistics eurecat

Generation of smart platforms for multimodal logistics management. Application of sensors for package deliveries, containers, etc. Goods traceability and documentation flow optimisation.

railway public administration eurecat

Digital transformation of mobility, data processing, planning of more sustainable transport, organisation in support of urban cohesion.

railway operators eurecat

Digitisation of operations, predictive maintenance, safety & security, sustainability, staff training.

railway engineering and consulting eurecat

Sustainability, process authorisation, critical infrastructure inspection, data processing, new product design.

railway construction and infraestructures eurecat

Sustainability, process authorisation, critical infrastructure inspection, data processing, IoT.

railway facilities and communication eurecat

Data processing, safety & security, IoT, infrastructure inspection, process automation.

railway rolling stock and interiorism eurecat

Product development, smart materials and services, ergonomics, advanced materials technology, IoT for trains.

railway associations, laboratories and certification eurecat

Technological consultancy, training, staff development.

Smart logistics platforms, IoT, process automation, new product development. Multimodal management, blockchain.

OCA-WAS, the Eurecat control body accredited according to the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020 standard in the field of major accidents

Eurecat offers companies the OCA-WAS control body with the aim of supporting the professional activity of companies through the evaluation of safety reports (SI) and Quantitative Risk Analysis reports (QRA).

We have the necessary technical means to prevent accidents involving hazardous substances, thus limiting their consequences on human health and the environment.


IS tech Eurecat

Incremental sheet metal forming machine

Incremental Sheet Forming (ISF) technology

taller mecanitzat eurecat

Machining centres

Lab plastics Eurecat

Thermoplastics injection laboratory

Resin Transfer Moulding systems for one and two components

Materials laboratory

Success stories

ATM Eurecat

Generation of new mobility matrices for the Metropolitan Transport Authority

Research and investigation projects to define Origin-Destination mobility matrices in accordance with transport modes by using mobile telephony data.

ATM Eurecat

Accessibility roadmap for transport in the Barcelona Metropolitan area

Analyse the actions undertaken within the context of the current accessibility plans and develop a roadmap to facilitate implementation and enhance impact.

Rolen Eurecat

ROLEN Toylet 2022

Innovative new bathroom module design incorporating the latest HMI (Human-Machine Interface) technologies in the form of printed keypads for the application of advanced simulation tools to analyse preventive maintenance, as proof of concept prior to production.

TRAM Eurecat

Pilot study into passenger behaviour and usage on the tram service operated by the company TRAM

The aim of this proposal is to validate and evaluate the design of an on-board platform to obtain patterns of passenger behaviour and usage on the tram service operated by the company TRAM.

railmap challenge eurecat

RailMapChallenge 2018 for the ATM

Challenge: designer of an integrated railway network map of the Barcelona area. To undertake this initiative, Eurecat organised an event in the form of a competition.


Data analysis and compilation to turn data into useful knowledge and develop a self-diagnosis tool and protocols for the transport sector, including corporate social responsibility and occupancy guidelines, to promote more inclusive and efficient transport systems from a gender perspective.

Sharework project Eurecat

Sharework will provide the intelligence, methods and tools required for the effective adoption of HRC (Human-Robot Collaboration) in manufacturing processes lacking automation. The technology will be tested in applications for the automotive, railways, metal and industrial plant manufacturing sectors.

European project to trial the use of drones to monitor the condition of railway infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels, so as to detect possible failings and increase safety.