Innovation Ecosystems

We answer forthcoming challenges

Eurecat promotes both technological and sectorial initiatives, given the need to create and structure innovation ecosystems (HUBs) and the importance of generating technological references for the future of the territory (Centers of Excellence). Many of these collegiate initiatives, which aim to integrate the value of the different agents of the ecosystem, are led and orchestrated by Eurecat.

We particularly highlight the R+D+I center in battery technology Battech; the Centre in Omic Sciences (COS), and the Metal Digital Manufacturing together with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). In recent years, Eurecat has also sponsored the Centre of Innovation for Data Tech & Artificial Intelligence (CIDAI), the CoE in Tourism Innovation and the Climate Resilience Centre.


Unitat Conjunta de Recerca (JRU) de Fabricació Digital de Metalls

An initiative to drive industrial innovation in companies in the aerospace, automotive and health sectors in Europe and Australia.

crc sostenibilitat

Center for Climate Resilience (CCR)

A public-private initiative to drive research, technology and innovation in climate resilience.



The leading battery R&D&I centre in Southern Europe.

CoE Innovacio turisme

CoE Innovació Turística

An strategic partner to led the change through sostenibility, talent, knowledge management and technology.



The benchmark for companies in data evaluation


Plastic Processing Pilot Plant

A leading international plant for the transformation of plastic materials


Centre for excellence in water management

Development and implementation of new sustainable technologies applied to water management as a key resource for the circular economy


Advanced Manufacturing CoE

Eurecat, a specialist in technologies and advanced manufacturing processes


Unmanned Systems Industrial Robotic Platform (USIRP)

Advanced industrial robotics at the service of industry and rescue teams


Reimagine Textile

From reindustrialisation to reimagining the textile


The Center for Omic Sciences is a scientific infrastructure owned by the Universitat Rovira i Virgili. Its use is carried out by a mixed R&D&I unit made up of professionals from Eurecat and the URV.