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Functional Textiles

The Functional Textiles Department at Eurecat is dedicated to research into and the development of new textile structures and functional clothing that provide more efficient solutions in terms of both cost and functional and structural properties, thus overcoming the limitations inherent to traditional technologies, which tend to be inflexible and costly.


eTextiles Eurecat

Design and prototyping

  • Biosensors.

  • Posture and movement monitoring.

  • Heating and lighting systems, sound actuators.

multifunctional fabrics

Design and industrialisation


  • Textile structures for various applications.

  • Smart textiles with stimuli-responsive biopolymers.

  • Functional materials in complex fabric structures.

composite eurecat

Materials and structures

  • Preformed reinforced textiles to optimise structures and processes.

  • Material hybridisation to optimise performance.

  • Design of textile solutions to optimise composite structure manufacturing procedures through direct heat transfer.


studies eurecat

Viability study.

Concept testing.

prototyping eurecat

Functional prototype.


Short series.

audit eurecat

Process studies and auditing.

Technical analysis of textile samples.

training eurecat

General courses.

Specialised courses for companies.

Most representative sectors

Key projects

Reimagine textile project

Reimagine Textile

Maresme region textile sector innovation programme aimed at companies of any size, designers and organizations that want to promote the textile productive capacity of the territory.

Temis project


Textile solutions for a more personalised health. Eurecat has developed an intelligent t-shirt allowing to measure the physical and constant state of the person wearing it.

1D-neon project


Development of fibre-based smart materials along with an integrated technology platform for the manufacturing in Europe of new products with multi-sectorial applications such as consumer electronics or lightning.

Functional Textiles Team

Virginia Garcia Eurecat

Virginia García

Director of Functional Textiles Unit at Eurecat

Virginia García graduated from theUniversity de Malaga as a telecommunications engineer and specialises in communications.

Her career began at the company AT4Wireless, where she worked in the radiofrequency communications department and specialised in implementing RFID technology in various areas of application. The users of this RFID technology varied from industrial units to consumers. She later worked at the CETEMMSA technological centre as a project manager, successfully managing research projects in ambient assisted living and eHealth. She then progressed to become a product manager for CETEMMSA. This involved the development of thermoelectric textile solutions, so she focused on in the integration of electronics into textiles and the selection of the appropriate conductive fibres for the textile solutions. CETEMMSA later merged with other Catalan technological centres and Eurecat was born.

Virginia was therefore chosen to lead research and development in the Functional Textiles Department at Eurecat. This department combines knowledge of textile structures with that of new materials. It also works on the integration of electronics into textiles and the development of textile wearable technology and multifunctional textiles.

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