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Eurecat, specialists in innovative products and solutions

We conceive and carry out projects with a strong industrial research component. We work to develop customised solutions that meet the needs of companies and organizations in the media and the creative and cultural industries (CCI) sector.

Our technological and scientific capacities focus on on:

  • Image and video processing and computer vision
  • Audio processing (multichannel, 3D and binaural audio)
  • Social Media & Computational Social Science
  • Experimental psychology. Evaluation of cognitive and emotional impact
  • Big Data and Data Sciences. Trustful data-centric ecosystems and Big Data analytics

Projects that to some extent involve the application of previously generated technological assets, to solve new industrial problems.

That stem from specific market studies, assessments, customer requests, suggestions based on the state of the art, interviews with sector leaders, new ideas, extensions of previous projects, etc.

Professional guidance offering expert advice in specific expertise areas of relevance for the media and the cultural and creative industries. This can include specific highly-specialised training.

Eurecat, technological and scientific advances for the media and the creative and cultural industries

Eurecat has R&D teams specialised in image processing and 3D audio, social media and computational social science, trustful data-centric ecosystems, Big Data analytics, evaluation of cognitive and emotional impact, interactive technologies and strategies for the innovation and economic growth of the cultural and creative industries.

Eurecat has extensive experience working with public and private companies in the sector. Our teams have a deep understanding of the sector, in particular of the Catalan creative and cultural industries and its needs.

Eurecat counts with the necessary technological infrastructures to create knowledge and transfer technology to companies, public entities and institutions in order to innovate in the displaying and management of the cultural heritage and in the development of culture-based leisure and tourism projects through the application of cutting-edge ICT and media technologies.

Eurecat has state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructures:

A 3D audio laboratory, a UX Lab (perception and cognition) and high-performance graphic processing systems.

New products and solutions in the field of sound , image and perception and cognition

Imm sound, pioneer immersive audio technology for cinemas

Imm sound is a pioneer in immersive 3D sound for the film and audiovisual contents industry. This is the leading technology on the world market in terms of the number of theatres, with screens in the United State, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

The start-up Imm sound, which was created by Eurecat-Barcelona Media, was purchased by Dolby Laboratories. The first film to use Imm sound technology was The Impossible, by Juan Antonio Bayona, a winner of both the Gaudí Award and the Goya Award in 2012.



Eurecat – Barcelona Media has designed and developed Kalium, a tool that enables contents to be monitored on Twitter and Facebook, thanks to the exploration and characterisation of conversations on these social platforms, through:

– The distribution of tweets, posts y comments through time, the users and the analysis of contents, as well as the most widely followed contents.

– The geographical distribution of geo-located opinions.

– The networks and exchanges of opinion, comments and replies among users, their importance in the network and the associated contents.

3FLEX-Depth enabled workflow for flexible 2D and multiview video production

Definition and development of a new advanced workflow for flexible 2D:
Stereo and multiview video production, capable of processing and making use of the image + depth information and the development of the basic components for its execution.