OCA-WAS, the Eurecat control body accredited
according to the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020 standard in the field of major accidents

Since 2018, Eurecat has been working as an assessment body for different companies in the Catalan industrial fabric affected by the major accident regulation (RD 840 / 2015). Through the control body OCA -WAS, we establish a close relationship with the companies to meet their needs and support their professional activity.


As an ENAC-accredited control body, the objective of Eurecat’s OCA-WAS is to offer services to companies affected by the SEVESO regulation on major accidents through the evaluation of Safety Reports (SI) and Quantitative Risk Analysis Reports (QRA).

We assist in the prevention of major accidents involving hazardous substances, thus limiting their consequences on human health and the environment.

Security Reports (SI)

Quantitative Risk Analysis Reports (QRA)

Technical means of the OCA-WAS


Advanced software for the analysis of the effects and consequences of accidental release of hazardous chemicals in process, chemical and petrochemical facilities.


Advanced software tool for performing Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) to assess the overall risk of storage, handling and transport of hazardous substances.

Aloha 5.4.7

Modelling software that allows the input of details of an actual or potential chemical release and then generates estimates of threat zones for various types of hazards.


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