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Eurecat supports projects created by New Technology-Based Companies (NEBTs)

Based on the technologies developed by the Centre itself, in cooperation with other companies, as well as in activities involving the transfer of technology.

NEOS Surgery

Innovative devices for cranial and spinal neurosurgery

Lluís Chico –

TORROT Electric Mind

Electric motorised bike for the general public, with an innovative charging system

Iván Contreras –

ULTRASION Innovate Ultrasonic Solutions

Innovative waves for production industry

Enric Sirera –

QPOLENSES Quality Plastic Optics

Innovative optical elements in the photonics market

Design and manufacture of personalised optical lenses.

Carles Pizarro –

AIR-FI Impemer

Commercialisation of the information and communication technologies (WiFi + ILBS)

Marcel Pujol –


Inflatable structures and telecommunication and multimedia systems

Javier Marcipar –


Intelligent IT solutions for the production industry

Doris Sánchez –

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