At Eurecat we have specialist research teams in place, working on European applied research and innovation projects in a wide range of technological disciplines and fields.

Eurecat collaborates in strengthening Europe’s innovative capacity and laying the foundations for the science and technology of the future in the region. Eurecat is currently leading the European BINCI project, with the aim of developing new tools for 3D sound production and post-production, as well as Optogenerapy, which is developing its biomedical implant for autonomous drug delivery. Eurecat is involved as a partner on the ARSI project, based on the development of a drone to explore the sewers of the city of Barcelona, and Smartees, a Digital Innovation Hub, focused on accelerating the creation of products incorporating flexible electronics.

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1D-NEON has the objective to develop fibre-based smart materials along with an integrated technology platform for the manufacturing in Europe of new products with multi-sectorial applications in consumer electronics, energy, healthcare and fitness, smart buildings, sensors and e-skin for soft robotics. The project explores ground breaking concepts [...]



Project to improve the monitoring system of chronic neuromuscular diseases by the integration of biomechanical sensors into the 6MWT or six-minute walk test. This test measures the number of metres a patient is able to walk in six minutes and is currently the standard functional test [...]


ACE – Annulus Closure Expandable Device

The ACE project (Annulus Closure Expandable Device) offers an innovative solution for herniated disk management and provides a permanent answer to an until now unresolved clinical challenge. The product acts as an adaptable barrier to avoid hernia recurrence with minimal impact on current surgical procedures. ACE also adapts [...]



AIRPOXY reduces the production and maintenance costs of composite parts in the aeronautic sector by introducing a novel family of thermoset composites that preserve all the advantages of conventional thermosets but can also be reprocessed, repaired and even recycled. To achieve so, project partners develop and [...]



BackHome is moving forward in Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) assistive technologies, to improve physical and social autonomy and quality of life for people with limited mobility. This is the first project that takes the BCIs out of the laboratory to offer inclusion services and telecare in the [...]



The European BINCI project has developed an integrated software and hardware solution to ease the production, postproduction and distribution of binaural or 3D audio content. Sound designers, producers and artists will be able to create content for interactive applications in the fields of music, virtual reality and [...]



The BIP-UPy project (Bioactive Implantable Polymers based on Ureido-Pyrimidinone) addresses the need to develop new biomedical implants whose biological activity, biodegradability and mechanical performance are easily customisable according to their final clinical application. The final objective is to develop new bioactive polymers for a new generation of medical implants. The new implants are developed [...]



Light olefins and aromatics using light hydrocarbons (C1, C3 and C4) by implementing new procedures, involving innovative catalysts synthesis methodologies and novel reactor design and processing, demonstrating their improvement in sustainability and economic scalability in existing industrial processes. BiZeolCat project shares the vision of an innovative [...]



The BRESAER project is focused on the sustainable rehabilitation of buildings and intends to create a new cladding system for building façades and roofs to make these processes more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The BRESAER solution includes a combination of pre-manufactured active and passive structures that [...]



It is estimated that around 50% of the discrepancies between the envisaged design specs and the ultimate performance of a building (known as the “energy gap") stem from current technological limitations and from an organisational destructuring during the actual construction phase. Built2Spec  project solution addresses the [...]



The Connecare project addresses the need to provide a better quality of life to patients with chronic pathologies, through an integrated system of personalized, iterative management, designed with and for the patient. The solution developed by Connecare is based on P4 Medicine (Participative, Personalized, Predictive, and Preventive) involving a [...]



The DEMOWARE initiative is an EU FP7 research project aiming at rectifying the shortcomings that hamper the implementation of water reuse by executing a highly collaborative programme of demonstration and exploitation, using nine existing and one greenfield site to stimulate innovation and improve cohesion within the [...]



The DEPHOTEX  project consisted of developing flexible photovoltaic cells to obtain organic photovoltaic (OPV) fabrics. Photovoltaic fabrics make it possible to conserve the properties inherent to the textile, which in turn enable the production of new cost-efficient and industrially feasible textile products. The end product should have the appearance and [...]



Self-diagnosis tool and protocols for obtaining knowledge, recommendations and support on how to achieve a fair gender inclusion in current and future transport systems. DIAMOND project promotes gender inclusion in transport systems through technologies for compiling and analysing data, such as machine learning, data mining and [...]



The manufacturing industry is currently witnessing a transformation as it increasingly moves towards Digital Manufacturing – often known as Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, factory of the future. It offers opportunities for companies to develop new products and ways of working while reducing costs. However, many SMEs [...]



The Erica project aims to improve the competitiveness of SMEs in the field of efficient and sustainable manufacturing through cooperation and knowledge transfer between clusters and technology centres from Italy, France, Holland, and Catalonia (Eurecat). Erica will promote the exchange of good practices between centres and establish a [...]



Despite Europe’s competitiveness, high capacity and rich culture of green manufacturing, there is a lack of innovation infrastructures to bring this new knowledge to SMEs. The aim of GREENOMED is to test and transfer an inter-regional Clusters-centred cooperation methodology aimed at the establishment of a European network of pilot plants supporting [...]



HyperMembraneDEMO project has developed a product for the construction of light architectural structures that need to reproduce complex geometries modifiable according to different spatial, functional, environmental or energetic user needs. The project has had the goal to help the construction industry to be more competitive and [...]



The Innoqua project addresses the need to supply drinking water to small and medium-sized communities with problems accessing this basic need. Innoqua will use sustainable, scalable technologies which have been patented and internationally recognized. The researchers will develop the first modular system in the world to imitate the biological [...]



MoTiV’s (Mobility and Time Value) project main goal is to contribute to advance research on VTT, the value of travel time, by introducing and validating a conceptual framework for the estimation of VTT through a European-wide data collection. The MoTiV solution plans to develop a smartphone [...]



Nature4Cities is a H2020 EU-funded project, creating a comprehensive reference Platform for Nature Based Solutions (NBS). The platform offers technical solutions, methods and tools to empower urban planning decision making. This will help addressing the contemporary environmental, social and economic challenges that face European Cities. Nature4Cities [...]



Ageing population in advanced societies forces to increase efforts in order to support health and promote healthy habits among old people. The NESTORE project aims at combining different technologies to help old people to retain everyday life activities and keep in good health, physically and psychologically. [...]



Transformational circular economy solutions and systems around resource use in the water sector. NextGen project challenges embedded thinking and practices by bringing financially sustainable innovations to life. To achieve this, NextGen will deliver technological, business and governance solutions for water in ten high profile demonstration cases [...]



For a wide variety of products, the use of advanced innovative manufacturing technologies affords end users totally personalised solutions with real added value. Customisation strategies enable manufacturers and marketers to offer unique products adapted to the specific needs and desires of the end user. Eyeglasses are a [...]



The Optinanopro project uses customized nanotechnology adapted to different industrial sectors with the objective of improving their efficiency and competitiveness. For example, in the packaging and production processes for automotive and photovoltaic materials, it can help to reduce waste and facilitate recycling. Additionally, the technology developed in [...]



Optogenerapy project has the objective to develop and demonstrate a biomedical implant to improve the current Multiple Sclerosis treatment. The implant based on the optogenetics technology – the combination of genetics and optics techniques to control and monitor activities of cells in a living tissue with [...]



The European project Pegaso-Fit 4 Future has the objective to monitor teenagers’ diet and healthy habits and improve them with a mobile app with games that sets challenges to make the promotion of healthy lifestyle more appealing. The application, designed by psychologists, healthcare professionals and experts [...]



The PERFILS project is a response to the growing demand for ingredients, foodstuffs and food supplements for sufferers of a variety of physiological conditions, such as allergies, intolerances and pathologies, which demand certain nutritional requirements and for which there is a very limited range of suitable [...]



PREVENTOMICS builds a biomarker-based system to send personalized advice on dietary and lifestyle habits to empower consumers to prevent diet-related diseases. The project exploits the potential of omics sciences, especially metabolomics, and changes in habits as drivers of development. The personalised plans for nutrition and lifestyle [...]



Releach has had the objective to innovate in the current treatments for old leachates (very contaminated waters product of raining water draining through the different layers of a landfill). The new system to treat leachates aims to reduce the environmental and economic cost associated with the [...]



An innovative water recycling system based on a combination of existing biological and separation processes to decrease the environmental impact of the petrochemical industry. REWATCH project analyses and characterises the wastewaters produced by different European petrochemical plants in order to design and build a prototype plant [...]



SCENE has been highly successful in its efforts to meet the complex and ambitious scientific, technological and industrial challenges posed by the need to combine a spectrum of 2D (image) and 3D (object) representations in a single, convenient and manipulable framework. The project’s final result, the new [...]



Sharework provides the necessary intelligence, tools and methods for the effective adoption of Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) on current automation lack manufacturing processes. The project develops a system capable of understanding the environment and predict human actions through artificial knowledge and process data. The technology developed will [...]



SkillsMatch develops and demonstrates a European-wide assessment and learning technology which will help users to adapt their skill assets to the demands of the labour market. The solution will integrate and improve the development of Non-Cognitive Skills (NC), personality traits or motivations. During the project, partners [...]



SMOOTH project develops a cloud-based platform to become the reference solution in Europe to help MSMEs validate their compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by designing and implementing easy-to-use and affordable tools to generate awareness on their GDPR obligations and analysing their level of compliance with [...]



SocialCar is an innovation and research project to develop a new, more efficient and sustainable urban mobility system. SocialCar will simplify the whole car journey experience by integrating the car-sharing concept (Carpooling) with current mobility systems. The applied research group will develop algorithms and data processing to enable the [...]



Synergy-COPD deployed the potential of computational medicine and medical systems approach to improve knowledge and understanding of COPD, developing a set of tools with potential application in clinical practice and biomedical research. With a holistic developed the most comprehensive existing computational model to simulate the transport of oxygen [...]



TYPES (Towards transparency and privacy in the online advertising business) plans to demonstrate solutions that protect individuals’ privacy while empowering the users to control how their data is used by service providers for advertising purposes. At the same time, TYPES will make it easier to verify whether [...]



WatERP has developed and deployed an open management platform for the integration of all knowledge associated with the supply and demand of water within the supply and distribution cycle. A complete and integrated vision of water production and consumption will afford a more comprehensive and personalised view [...]



Widest is a cross-functional project that will provide the European water sector with ICT technology and innovative tools to promote and share the research carried out for projects financed by the European Union. This programme will provide technology and documentation, organize events, and establish common work methods [...]



WIISEL has developed a flexible research tool to collect and analyze the gait parameters and correlate them with the risk of falling in the elderly. The tool consists of a software platform combined with a flexible template system sensorized , placed in the shoe that collects [...]