At Eurecat we have specialist research teams in place, working on European applied research and innovation projects in a wide range of technological disciplines and fields.

Eurecat collaborates in strengthening Europe’s innovative capacity and laying the foundations for the science and technology of the future in the region. Eurecat is currently leading the Optogenerapy project, which is developing a biomedical implant for autonomous drug delivery; Preventomics, with the aim to develop a biomarker-based system for sending dietary advice and personalised healthy habits to prevent diet-related diseases; Diamond, a data analytics project to obtain knowledge, recommendations and support in gender inclusion in transport systems; FormPlanet, the European Open Innovation Test Bed to strengthen the competitiveness of sheet metal forming industry and Sharework, a collaborative robotics project, among others.

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Development of fibre-based smart materials along with an integrated platform with the aim to manufacture new products with multi-sectoral applications in consumer electronics and lighting, among others. The project 1D-NEON explores ground breaking concepts that will provide cutting edge advances in the design, sustainable manufacturing, testing [...]



Project to improve the monitoring system of chronic neuromuscular diseases by the integration of biomechanical sensors into the 6MWT or six-minute walk test. This test measures the number of metres a patient is able to walk in six minutes and is currently one of the standard [...]


ACE – Annulus Closure Expandable Device

ACE (Annulus Closure Expandable Device) project develops an innovative solution for the herniated disk management with the aim to solve a clinical challenge that until now had not been addressed. The innovation of the project presents a product that adapts to the movements of the spine, [...]



Development of adaptive methodologies for e-learning applications and tools for the digital support of the learning to improve processes efficiency and the capacity of students. The ADeAPTIVE project implements pilots to measure the learning adaptability of different student groups such as entrepreneurship, applied computing, art and [...]



New European network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) to stimulate the implementation of high robotic technologies and Artificial Intelligence in the agri-food industry. The AgROBOfood project develops a network, formed by universities, research centres and innovative companies with the objective of create innovation ecosystems at local [...]



AIRPOXY reduces the production and maintenance costs of composite parts in the aeronautic sector by introducing a novel family of thermoset composites that preserve all the advantages of conventional thermosets but can also be reprocessed, repaired and even recycled. To achieve so, project partners develop and [...]



Assistance technologies related to the Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) to improve physical and social autonomy, as well as the quality of life of people suffering disabilities. BackHome project develops a solution that allows to cover the needs of these people and offer inclusion services and teleassistance [...]



Development of a software and hardware integrated solution with the aim to ease the production, postproduction and distribution of 3D audio and binaural audio. Throughout the BINCI’s project, lasting 18 months, project partners have developed innovative acoustic measurement methods, as well as 3D audio software tools: a [...]



The BIP-UPy project (bioactive polymers based on ureido-pyrimidinone) aims to develop new bioactive polymers for a new generation of biomedical implants. The project develops novel biomedical implants capable of providing specific bioactivities, biodegradable and mechanical efficiency according to its clinical application. The new implants are developed with [...]



Light olefins and aromatics using light hydrocarbons (C1, C3 and C4) by implementing new procedures, involving innovative catalysts synthesis methodologies and novel reactor design and processing, demonstrating their improvement in sustainability and economic scalability in existing industrial processes. BiZeolCat project shares the vision of an innovative [...]



A modular set of innovative training units addressed to future workers on technical and scientific sector. The Brain@Work project has the aim to deepen knowledge about existing Information Literacy (IL) for the STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines, and to upgrade the training offer of [...]



Development of a smart and energy efficient blind that reduces the energy expense of buildings and monitors their efficiency parameters through environmentally friendly processes and at an affordable cost of work. The BRESAER project, focused on the rehabilitation of sustainable buildings, promotes a new façades and [...]



To reduce the energy efficiency differences between the envisaged design specs and the ultimate performance of a building—i.e., the energy gap—is the main goal of Built2Spec. It offers a new set of technological advances for the inspection of construction sites. They are helpful to achieve the [...]



Innovative and affordable solutions for advanced car body shells manufacturing and lightweight material strategies for railways, innovative doors and train modularity. The CARBODIN project, coordinated by Eurecat, has the objective to contribute to the next generation of passenger trains that will be lighter and more energy [...]



Integrated and personalized management system based on participative, predictive and preventive medicine to provide a better quality of life to chronic disease patients. Connecare project develops a technological solution that allows a more efficient monitoring of the patient and a reduction of sanitary costs. The solution [...]


CuttingEdge 4.0

Novel material characterisation and data driven analytics to predict and avoid edge-cracking in safety related automotive parts. Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) have become the dominant material choice for lightweight construction in the automotive and transport sector for its good in-service performance, manufacturability and recyclability. However, [...]



With the generalization of Internet’s usage, thousands of data are created daily. The European project DECODE is a response to people’s concerns about a loss of control over their personal information on the internet and has the objective to develop a new model for the treatment [...]



DEMOWARE is an EU FP7 research project aiming at rectifying the shortcomings that hamper the implementation of water reuse by executing a highly collaborative programme of demonstration and exploitation, using nine existing and one greenfield site to stimulate innovation and improve cohesion within the evolving European [...]



Educational programme that aims to spread the issues related to Critical Raw Materials (CRM) through an in-field training programme, and a software tool to support engineers and industrial designers to promote a more responsible and sustainable materials selection process. Currently, materials are selected in mechanical design [...]



Self-diagnosis tool and protocols for obtaining knowledge, recommendations and support on how to achieve a fair gender inclusion in current and future transport systems. DIAMOND project promotes gender inclusion in transport systems through technologies for compiling and analysing data, such as machine learning, data mining and [...]



Digit-T project aims to support SMEs to understand the Digital Manufacturing, the related terminology, the expected benefits and at identifying application areas and use cases in their own companies. To achieve this, the project creates a coherent training system aimed to help SMEs by providing an [...]



Modern Spent Nuclear Fuel Dissolution and Chemistry in Failed Container Conditions. DisCo project aims at enhancing our understanding of spent fuel matrix dissolution derived of the development and use of novel types of fuel, such as doped and Mixed Oxide Fuel (MOX). To achieve this, DisCo [...]



Consciousness-raising campaign among students and the society in the e-waste management, the life cycle of electronics products and related business opportunities. The E-M@S project organises campaigns to involve schools and creates high-value educational materials, with the aim to educate more than 100 secondary students in Europe, [...]



The Erica project aims to improve competitiveness of SMEs in the field of efficient and sustainable manufacturing through cooperation and knowledge transfer between clusters and technology centres. It includes the exchange of good practices between centres, a comparative assessment plan and a collaborative plan. Ultimately, the [...]



eSCALED project is expected to generate breakthroughs in the development of artificial photosynthetic leaves as photoelectrochemical devices and educate highly trained researchers. eSCALED offers 14 Early Stage Researcher positions for ground-breaking research on artificial photosynthesis and photoelectrochemical devices. Each PhD student works under the supervision of [...]



European Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) driving competitiveness to the sheet metal forming industries. The FormPlanet project responds to challenges of the sheet metal forming industry, optimizing the development, design, production and performance of high-strength metals while reducing production costs and time-to-market for sheet products. FormPlanet, [...]



Valorisation of foundry sands and dust in the ceramic tile production process replacing natural raw materials, such a red and white clays. The Foundrytile project, ended in July 2018, promoted the concept of circular economy, key to sustainable development, because it reinforces the industrial symbiosis between [...]



Implementation of intelligent control systems in four key domains of the blue economy, such as Smart ships, Smart ports, shipyard, and maritime surveillance. The GALATEA project is a continuation of the NEPTUNE initiative and maintains the same final objective focused on reinforcing and promoting the cross-sectorial [...]



GreenCharge project provides innovative cities with technological solutions and business models for cost-effective implementation and management of charging infrastructures for electric vehicles. On the other hand, it will provide a service for charge planning, including booking and billing for electric vehicle’s users. The GreenCharge system will [...]



Integrative cutting solutions to produce high performance automotive components with high-manganese (HMnS) steel sheet. Currently, there is a lack of knowledge about the effects of the cutting processes on the mechanical properties and formability of HMnS. This complicates their extensive industrial application because non-optimized cutting could [...]



Development of new models and methods to improve the design capabilities of the hybrid boxes, such as the wings of the airplanes, formed by metallic panels and composite materials components. INNOHYBOX project, coordinated by Eurecat, investigates the thermo-mechanical behaviour of hybrid boxes with the purpose to [...]



Innoqua project develops the first modular system in the world to imitate the biological process of water purification (that earthworms, zooplankton, and microorganisms do) in order to reuse wastewater for agriculture or human activity in developing areas. The Innoqua solution is scalable, modular, and cost-effective, and represents an [...]



New manufacturing process that allows to use high-performance thermoplastic matrix composite materials reinforced with carbon fibre in the regional aircraft construction. The utilization of these thermoplastic matrix composite materials in the construction of regional aircrafts is limited due to the complexity of forming of these materials [...]



Development of a new process, based on microalgae treatment and cork filtration, able to remove nitrates and pesticides from polluted groundwater. The SPOT project, which has the objective to produce drinking water that meets the requirements established by the European Union, promotes the sustainability and resilience [...]



Development of a digital solution that allows patients to change risk behaviours before surgery. The LIVE INCITE project offers a digital solution with the aim of helping the patient to quit smoking daily and stop alcohol intake to face the planned knee and hip surgeries. This [...]



Automated processes for aircraft quality validation through the use of robotics and artificial vision. The solution being developed by MAF explores new possibilities to realize the validation tests in a more quickly and efficiently way. With this, the use of robotics and computer vision is maximized [...]



Development of a complete online training program on the most innovative micromanufacturing technologies. MIMAN-T project will provide an overview on all the Micro-Manufacturing Technologies (MMT) together with the technical and economical details. Indeed, this system is still missing, but essential to provide the SMEs with all [...]



MoTiV’s (Mobility and Time Value) project main goal is to contribute to advance research on VTT, the value of travel time, by introducing and validating a conceptual framework for the estimation of VTT through a European-wide data collection. The MoTiV solution plans to develop a smartphone [...]



The European Union is facing a rapid increase in the elderly population, which together with the lack of effective caring solutions provokes having elders with physical and cognitive problems to be moved to nursery homes early. MoveCare project aims to develop and test an innovative multi-actor [...]



Automated and smart water resource management and environmetal monitoring tools with the aim of transforming and digitalising the urban water sector. NAIADES project aims to provide multidimensional intelligence on the water ecosystem through the introduction of Artificial Intelligence technologies, achieving a high-level of water management services [...]



Development of new Complex Phase Low Carbon Microalloyed Steels, by optimization of chemistry and thermomechanical processing, i.e. hot rolling and cooling, to simultaneously obtain refined microstructures and arrays of precipitate nanoparticles. The previously unexplored synergies between the elements Nb, Mo, V and Ti on precipitation before, [...]



NATURE4CITIES is a research and innovation project. Its goal is to create a Reference Platform for Nature Based Solutions (NBS). The platform offers technical solutions, methods and tools aimed at facilitating decision-making in urban planning. This will address the environmental, social and economic challenges of cities. [...]



Ageing population in advanced societies forces to increase efforts in order to support health and promote healthy habits among old people. The NESTORE project aims at combining different technologies to help old people to retain everyday life activities and keep in good health, physically and psychologically. [...]



Transformational circular economy solutions and systems around resource use in the water sector. NextGen project challenges embedded thinking and practices by bringing financially sustainable innovations to life. To achieve this, NextGen will deliver technological, business and governance solutions for water in ten high profile demonstration cases [...]



Activities between Europe and Latin American countries to strengthen research, training potential and industrial competitiveness as facilitators of the implementation of nano materials and advanced materials technologies in the health, water and energy areas in Latin America. NMP-DeLA project develops activities to build new skills that facilitate [...]



  Advanced manufacturing technologies, personalised design, the engineering of knowledge, sustainable production technologies and anthropometry and ergonomics to demonstrate that the personalised production of eyewear can be a profitable business of close optician-user contact, in addition to being sustainable and fashionable. The Optician2020 innovations are based [...]



Optinanopro project develops a new technology, based on nanotechnology, with the aim to create self-cleaning solar panels which will lead to increase their effectiveness and lifespan and to reduce the need for inspections. In the automotive sector, Optinanopro’s nanotechnology will enable the development of lighter parts [...]



Optintegral promotes new industrial manufacturing of screens process to increase heir efficiency, reduce costs and limit the amount of greenhouse gas emissions up to half. Optintegral project develops a sustainable and versatile solution to manufacture TOLAE LED displays for advertising and marketing purposes with hybrid in-mould [...]



Development of a new biomedical implant based on optogenetics technology – the combination of genetics and optics techniques to control and monitor activities of cells in a living tissue with light to activate cells to produce themselves the necessary drug (interferon-ß (IFN-ß) protein in this case) [...]



Personalised technological programme to prepare patients for surgery and provide follow-up, as a way to improve the outcomes of the operation. PAPRIKA project aims to improve the quality of life of patients who needs a surgery through a personalised program that allows a better preparation of [...]



Pegaso-Fit 4 Future develops a mobile app with the aim to monitor and improve teenagers diet and healthy habits. The application, designed by psychologists, healthcare professionals and experts in responsive interfaces, uses a t-shirt and an intelligent bracelet to monitor the user’s daily habits. In particular, [...]



Digital Social Platform (DSP) with the best practices and experiences in water management in the industrial, social and political fields, to share them with experts from the sector and citizens. The European project POWER develops a new free digital platform that allows consulting water management initiatives [...]



An innovative water recycling system based on a combination of existing biological and separation processes to decrease the environmental impact of the petrochemical industry. REWATCH project analyses and characterises the wastewaters produced by different European petrochemical plants in order to design and build a prototype plant [...]



New solutions and tools that allow comparing and choosing between different transport services and promoting public and shared transport. Ride2Rail project aims to integrate multiple (public, private and social) data sets and sources and existing platforms to promote an effective Ride Sharing practice of citizens, making [...]



Spins for efficient photovoltaic devices based on organic molecules. The organic solar cells (OSCs) have the potential to become an environmental friendly and economically profitable photovoltaic technology. For this reason, it is necessary to improve their commercialisation capacity to compete with established power generation and to [...]



Automation of the manufacturing process and operations of aerospace launchers to increase the number of units produced and reduce production time and cost. Currently, the production of aerospace launchers implies a complex process and multiple manual validation processes in order to guarantee the integrity and proper [...]



A European acceleration program that aims to helping innovative companies and startups in the adoption and integration of flexible and wearable electronics (FWE) testing into their services and products, as well as experimentation and manufacturing support. The SmartEEs2 project, which is positioning as a follow-up initiative [...]



European reference platform in order to help MSMEs validate their compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation by designing and implementing easy-to-use and affordable tools. SMOOTH platform technological development and innovation is built upon several existing techniques, combining advanced technology in the area of machine learning, text mining, data [...]



Circular economy applied to the treatment of table olives brines based on solar evaporation. The LIFE SOLIEVA project aims to solve environmental challenges of the table olives sector (TO) processing water and update the environmental legislation related to use of water. The project focuses to demonstrate [...]



Collaborative network to develop and introduce innovative advances in the European cybersecurity field. SPARTA project aims to promote relevant innovations in this field, providing the resources needed to improve and strengthen the European cybersecurity industry and re-imagining the way cybersecurity research, innovation and training are performed [...]



Synergy-COPD develops a set of tools with great potential for application in clinical practice and biomedical research with the aim to prove the potential of computational medicine and the systems medicine approach and improve knowledge and understanding of COPC. With a holistic developed the most comprehensive existing [...]



Innovative technologies in the field of optical sensors and short, medium and long-range 3D devices to demonstrate their value in several key applications in the automotive, security, smart buildings, mobile robotics for smart cities and Industry 4.0 sectors. VIZTA project also focuses on multimodal 2D/3D imaging, [...]



Development of a research and flexible tool to collect and analyze parameters of the walk and relate them to the risk of falling of elderly people. WIISEL project creates a tool that combines a flexible software platform with an insole system with sensors. It is placed [...]



Development of regional aircraft thermoplastic composite windows frames using advanced and innovative industrial processes and Out of Autoclave composite manufacturing (OOA – alternative to autoclave process commonly applied for the aeronautic industry for producing high performance composite materials) with the aim of reducing the weight of [...]



Development of open and innovative practices for learning using digital platforms, tools and materials. The YNSPEED project has the objective to provide critical skills of using Internet and other skills that are nowadays compulsory for an active and responsible digital citizen. Such skills are essential for [...]



Brine treatment based on electrodialysis metathesis and valuable compound recovery processes with the aim of reaching a zero liquid discharge (ZLD) process. Zelda has the objective to demonstrate and disseminate the technical feasibility and economical sustainability of decreasing the overall environmental impact of desalination systems for [...]


Zero Brine

Innovative technologies for reducing industrial saline wastewater streams and derived environmental impacts by recovering and reutilizing minerals and water from the brine. Zero Brine project proves that minerals, such as magnesium, and clean water can be recovered from industrial processes for their reuse in other industries, [...]