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Active job offers in Eurecat : software engineers , consultants and more

Eurecatthe technology center of Catalonia resulting from the integration of the most important technology centers in the network TECNIO (Ascamm, Barcelona Digital, Barcelona Media, Cetemmsa and CTM), search multiple profiles and engineering consultants and others to join the new center.

If your professional profile fits the description of the workplace, you can send your CV to Human Resources and Organization: jobs@eurecat.orgyour application indicating the corresponding reference.

Active job offers

Department Job Offer Description
Smart Management Systems 2 Jr researchers in Artificial Intelligence R&D tasks in technological solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management, support the development of projects in all the technological activities required for the suitable operation, development of basic documentation related tasks involving, etc…Download the complete offer. Ref: DLSMS-IC-16
Big Data Analytics Software Engineer R&D Indoor positioning Development and deployment in real environments, of different modules of the Indoor Positioning platform for smartphones and other mobile devices, which is based on fusion of different sensors data types, Measures Acquisition, statistical processing, positioning algorithms, probabilistic filtering, wireless communications, databases, hardware configuration, etc…Download the complete offer. Ref: DCUBD_IP_78_16
E-Health Research Research and development tasks in the areas of advanced Software and services applied to e-Health, collaboration in the preparation of proposals for European R & D, Research, requirements analysis, design and development of innovative systems in relation to telemedicine and teleassistance, mobile health, systems based on ubiquitous computing, environmental intelligence, Research and development of systems of knowledge representation, simulation and clinical decision support, based on techniques of data analysis and machine learning, etc…Download the complete offer. Ref: DBSAL-IV-75-16
Public Programmes Head of industrial public projects To lead and manage the implementation of public funded projects coordinated by Eurecat, to participate in the preparation of proposals os new projects, mainly related with the Industrial Area Technologies, to identify opportunities and other programmes with funding sources of public interest, etc…Download the complete offer. Ref: APP-CP-83-16
Digital Humanities Postdoctoral researcher in multimodal behaviour metrics Developing the work program in the proposal, assist the group in multimodal signal processing and machine learning analyses, etc…Download the complete offer. Ref: TECNIOSPRING
Robotics and Automation Two research engineers in the area of autonomous navigation for mobile robots MSC in robotics, engineering or Computer Science, experience with robotics, knowledge about ROS and Computer Vision, advanced experience with C++, team spirit, etc…Download the complete offer. Ref: ICROB-ERA-16
Robotics and Automation R&D Senior Industrial Robotics Engineer Work in research and development of new technological solutions in the field of industrial robotics and mechatronics . Download the complete offer. Ref: ICROB-ER-16
Social Media Research Senior Research Scientist Research and development of advanced algorithms and models for the analysis of collective behaviour. Writing research articles and technical documentation of R&D&i projects. . Download the complete offer. Ref: DBDHU-SR-16
Software Development Developer back-end /front-end Programms in Java development environments and SOA architecture , defining the architecture of the projects would schedule. Download the complete offer. Ref: DRUDS-BF-15
Software Development

Development specialist mobile platforms  (iOS/Android)

Software development for Android / iOS ( valuable ) mobile devices, defining the architecture of the projects would schedule. Download the complete offer. Ref: DRUDS-DM-15

 Public Programmes

Head of projects in the ICT field

Detect programs and other opportunities for public funding source , promote the participation of the center in public financing instruments. Download the complete offer. Ref: AMP-CP-15.

The team Eurecat consists of over 450 professionals who generate revenue volume of 40M € per year, specialists in applied R & D , technology services , technology consulting , training highly specialized development of innovative products and services , and promotion and dissemination of technological innovation .

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