The Eurecat technology centre (a member of Tecnio) is to lend its knowledge in the field of big data to the Barcelona-based company MP Engineering, in order to enable the analysis of mass data on the atmospheric conditions in various locations throughout the world’s oceans. The aim is to reproduce the sailing conditions for a vessel being developed by the firm that will be used to transport cargo and people to oil and gas rigs and offshore wind farms.

During this preliminary design stage, MP Engineering is performing a great many simulations of the vessel’s behaviour at sea, while it is at rest and under power, in order to optimize the design and configuration. The overall aim is to make sure those on board remain comfortable when the vessel is travelling through waves at high speeds, and to allow the vessel to maintain its position so that offshore activities can be performed safely even in extremely rough seas.

With these aims in mind, MP Engineering has begun an extensive battery of tests at the El Pardo hydrodynamic testing facility for ocean-going operations. The new vessel has been code-named MP625 and forms part of an ambitious R&D project jointly funded by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTi).