The SuPreAM project was presented during the second session “Los Lunes de CDTI-SOST Bruselas, organised by CDTI – The Center for Technological Development and Innovation, celebrated virtually on 10th of June.

Daniel Fernandez-Poulussen, responsible for strategy and business development at the IDONIAL technology center, participated in the event and introduced SuPreAM as one of its key EU-projects funded under the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) programme.

SuPreAM is developing and improving the performance and capabilities of a predictive simulation model of finishing operations in steel Additive Manufacturing (AM). The project has the goal to optimise the surface integrity of Additive Manufactured and Machined Steel components and to reduce manufacturing expenditures at the steel industrial sector by minimising the material scrap and reducing the number of re-processing loops during finishing operations.

IDONIAL technology centre participates in the project leading tasks related to definition of requirements, AM materials and process-chain implementation. In general, IDONIAL is active in all about Additive Manufacturing (SLM) of samples and parts, post processing heat treatment optimization, microstructure, basic and in use properties validation (bulk properties).