Project Description

A service (app server) for managing farms and streamlining the process of identifying workers who work on the farm.

The APPERVITI project provides technicians and managers of wine-production companies with a way to facilitate the identification of every operator hired to perform specific tasks in the field.

These operators are usually hired en masse to perform certain agricultural tasks (such as pruning or grape harvesting). Currently, company managers do not have flexible tools that allow technicians and foremen to verify that an operator who is present in the field is actually the hired operator; that allow recording the location of each operator, as well as the task performed and the time worked; or that allow reporting or digitally extracting information recorded in compatible formats so that it can be transferred to and/or used by other software tools (ERPs, etc.).

APPERVITI responds to these needs through the definition and development of an App for managing and controlling the presence, times, tasks and locations of operators and workers on a farm. The App, which is operated with an Internet connection, has an integrated system for the real-time identification and verification of every operator based on biometric technologies, specifically through facial recognition.

The APPERVITI App is synchronized with a server app that allows importing and exporting databases of operators in compatible formats that can be integrated with other software tools so that they can be used by the customer.

The APPERVITI project is led by INNOVI, the Catalonian Wine-production Cluster, and it includes the participation of Juvé & Camps, ADECCO, eFoodPrint and Eurecat, which is taking part in the project through the IT Security Unit. Eurecat is the partner that is responsible for analyzing the existing technologies for the identification and verification of an operator’s identity, for developing the various software components that form a part of the App and for providing support on the integration thereof.

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APPERVITI – an APP for streamlining the management of vineyard personnel

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Project financed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism within the AEI support program to contribute to the improvement of the competitiveness of the Spanish industry.