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The counterfeit product and document fraud is a reality that is becoming a greater impact on various industries, causing great economic losses, serious consequences for the integrity of brands and companies, coming to endanger users and consumers when we are talking about counterfeits in the field of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or food.

The losses to governments, businesses and consumers around the world because of counterfeiting, tampering and theft are estimated at hundreds of billions of euros a year according to the WCO (World Customs Organization).

Autenticloud project stems from the need to innovate to provide solutions in the fight against fraud and counterfeiting above, to curb such illegal market that affects not only companies and their brands but also what is most importantly, threaten the health and rights of consumers.
The project, funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through subprogramme INNPACTO has 6 members with proven experience in research and innovation (Signe, SA, Planet Media and NOVOGRAF as companies and Cetemmsa, Itene and Aido as technology centers) .

This project will develop a global centralized authentication system where mobile devices will be used to authenticate the source documents and packaging using a software application, the different sensors that mobile devices currently available technology and combining optical and RF chipless.

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AUTENTICLOUD – Centralized authentication system for security documents and packaging applications

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