Project Description


Assistance technologies related to the Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) to improve physical and social autonomy, as well as the quality of life of people suffering disabilities. BackHome project develops a solution that allows to cover the needs of these people and offer inclusion services and teleassistance to those who need it.

BackHome has achieved 5 key innovations, advancing the current state of the art: (i) a modular and distributed architecture; (ii) a new BCI system with practical electrodes that aim to set a new standard of lightness, autonomy, comfort and reliability; (iii) user-friendly software tailored to the needs of the users; (iv) a telemonitoring and home support system to remotely monitor and assist users when at home; and (v) a web-based application for therapists to provide and monitor cognitive rehabilitation and to offer guidance relating to the quality of life of the users.

General information

BACKHOME – Brain-neural computer interfaces on track to home – Development of a practical generation of BNCI for independent home use

Programme and Call