The DIPTA 2024 project develops a knowledge transfer system to promote innovation in tourism brands in the province of Tarragona.

DIPTA 2024 is divided into four different lines of work: observatory, laboratory of innovation and tourism intelligence (LABIIT), technology and transfer.

Eurecat participates in DIPTA 2024 through its Consultancy Department, contributing its know-how in data intelligence, implementation of digital solutions, development and strategic planning, product design and in the generation of new knowledge, as well as promoting collective reflection on current tourist trends and dynamics.

General details


DIPTA 2024 – Development of the transfer and innovation system for Tarragona tourist brands

Programme and call for tender

Project funded by the Diputació de Tarragona tourism board

Related SDG

Promotion of knowledge transfer with specific training and updating actions aimed at companies and administrations, with an operational and practical component.

Promotion of innovation and knowledge to contribute to the competitiveness of the companies and tourist organisations of the destination, especially with regard to the tourist situation.

Contribution to drive innovation strategies and promotion, also, of experience products.

Exploration of areas that drive the sustainable growth of tourist destinations both from the point of view of demand and deseasonalisation of activity as well as new forms of governance and management.

New dynamics of production and consumption from the perspective of the triple green, digital and social transformation.

Integration of the objectives of the Green Deal strategy to guide tourist activity towards its ecological transition and towards climate neutrality.

Beneficiaries of all the actions carried out are the different agents that bring together Tarragona’s tourist brands, as well as creating spaces for collective reflection.