Project Description



Advanced manufacturing technologies, personalised design, the engineering of knowledge, sustainable production technologies and anthropometry and ergonomics to demonstrate that the personalised production of eyewear can be a profitable business of close optician-user contact, in addition to being sustainable and fashionable.

The Optician2020 innovations are based on medical prescription, anatomical data of customers and aesthetic preferences. Therefore, manufacturers and sellers will be able to offer unique products adapted to the specific needs and preferences of individual users with a real added value.

The ophthalmic industry paradigm for 2020 will tend to the manufacture of completely customised glasses, based on medical prescription, the anatomical data of the customers and their aesthetic preferences; and all at local workshops that are close to the points of sale.

OPTICIAN2020 – Flexible and on-demand manufacturing of customised spectacles by close-to-optician production clusters.

Programme and Call