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Development and validation of a mobile remote monitoring system to detect pre-frailty and frailty in independent senior citizens in order to maintain or encourage activity and physical exercise, thus benefitting their long-term well-being.

The project aims to offer subjects an individualised and group-based plan to empower them throughout their life so that they have the strategies, abilities, resources, support and motivation required for them to reach the optimal bio-psycho-emotional and social well-being they need to reverse their frailty.

The TeleDefrail solution is based on the use of the technological solution ekenku, developed by Eurecat, to monitor the physical activity, pre-frailty and frailty of senior citizens remotely. The professionals involved in the programme can remotely track the physical parameters recorded by the various electronic devices connected to the platform.

The TeleDefrail project was born from the Defrail Viability Study, carried out between October 2017 and March 2018 by the organisations E3, Fundació Joan Costa i Roma (FJCR), Eurecat and the Catalan Sports Cluster (INDESCAT).

The project follows in the footsteps of the Defrail project, which confirmed the relationship between taking part in sport and physical exercise and delaying the onset of pre-frailty and frailty symptoms among the population above the age of 75. Furthermore, Defrail concluded that, to provide a remote monitoring service, the ekenku platform could be used, as this was the most complete option in terms of the values to be measured and could easily be complemented by a series of sensors linked to movement.

The TeleDefrail project, with participation from Eurecat’s Valorisation Department and e-Health Technological Unit, is led by the Catalan Sports Cluster (INDESCAT).

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Project funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism within the Spanish State Research Agency’s support programme to improve Spanish industry’s competitivity.

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