Founded in 1946, Santos Jorge S.A. is a national and European benchmark company in glass recycling

Its activity focuses on domestic and industrial glass treatment and recycling and using second and third qualities

The Cyclo-Vidre project has researched innovative technologies and new ways of recovering recycled glass

Santos Jorge has been collaborating with Eurecat since 2021 in waste glass recovery to obtain new materials and applications. Santos Jorge is working with Eurecat metallic and ceramic materials unit, the water, air and soil unit, the waste, energy and environmental impact unit and the composites unit in the Cyclo-Vidre project.

During the project, innovative technologies, and new ways of recovering recycled glass have been investigated. One of the applications has been using micronised glass in the new bunkers of the La Roqueta golf club.

Eurecat has also collaborated with Santos Jorge to introduce this micronised glass in other sectors and provide new outlets to revalue the product.

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Jesús Boschmonart

Head of Business Development Green Cities & Industries
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