Tecnomatrix, a company that specializes in the manufacture of quality-control systems for the automotive industry, has partnered with the Eurecat technology centre (a member of Tecnio) to develop a platform that uses blockchain technology to provide services to its clients. The aim of the project is to ensure maximum integrity and traceability for the information that is handled by the company during the course of its business activities.

Specifically, Tecnomatrix has integrated the blockchain technology developed by Eurecat into KAPTURE, its Industry 4.0 service platform for the management of quality-control data. The company’s clients use this platform to record information related to the parts they manufacture and their dimensions.

This new system has been integrated into the KAPTURE platform as part of the PRODUCTIO project, which “guarantees the integrity of the information that is stored while also creating a record of the activities of its users”, according to Juan Caubet, the Director of Eurecat’s IT Security Unit.

“Users can see if anyone has changed or viewed the data they have stored on KAPTURE”, Caubet explained. “Tecnomatrix can now offer added value to its clients by providing a mechanism that increases the clients’ levels of trust. For the manufacturers of parts for the automotive industry, preserving the integrity and confidentiality of the information they generate is absolutely vital”, he added.

In the words of Xavier Conesa, the Managing Director of Tecnomatrix, “this project, developed in collaboration with Eurecat, is a resounding success: first, because it has enabled us to test cutting-edge technology in a collaborative manner along the value chain of our industry; and second, because it has shown us how to make data secure at a time when the transfer of data is becoming a key aspect of our business”.