Eurecat Congress points to industrial innovation as the key to Catalonia’s competitiveness and wellbeing

2023-12-11T15:41:08+01:00November 24th, 2023|Events, Materials Processing and Capital Equipment, Press Notes, Sustainability|

The first Eurecat Congress has underscored Catalonia’s opportunities for moving forward in reindustrialisation against the backdrop of today’s technological revolution by enhancing its competitiveness, growth and generation of wealth and social wellbeing through harnessing levers including adaptation to climate change, digital transformation and tapping artificial intelligence technologies. The congress hosted by the Eurecat technology [...]

TurisTIC Forum picks out artificial intelligence’s potential to create sustainable tourism practices

2023-12-15T12:36:38+01:00September 29th, 2023|Events, Innovació turística, Press Notes, Tourism|

The capacity of artificial intelligence to mitigate the impact of tourism and foster sustainable practices has been showcased today at the TurisTIC Forum organised by the Eurecat technology centre. Leading experts noted how AI technologies contribute to the sector’s efficiency and effectiveness while they are also the driving force which will enable the new [...]

Experts stress the significance of bringing together clinical and technological visions of the patient in order to address healthcare challenges

2023-05-18T14:30:00+02:00October 4th, 2022|E-Health, Events, Nutrition and Health, Press Notes|

At the XPAtient Barcelona Congress, experts underlined the importance of putting the patient at the centre of healthcare strategy as showcased by the solutions and technologies presented at the event which deliver a multidisciplinary approach and participatory methodologies. The congress has highlighted “the need to factor in the clinician and technologist visions to meet [...]

Eurecat talks at BNEW about how to grasp the technological transformations of Economy 4.0

2023-05-18T14:31:35+02:00October 3rd, 2022|Cultural and Creative Industries, Events, Fires, Food, Health, ICT, Press Notes, Public Sector, Sport, Textile|

The Eurecat technology centre is taking part in the 3rd Barcelona New Economy Week (BNEW) from 3-6 October, an event hosted by the Zona Franca Consortium which brings together experts in technological and economic transformation to explore cutting-edge topics in progress towards Economy 4.0. Eurecat experts are to share [...]

Healthcare and social robotics to ease transition from hospitals to homes

2023-05-18T14:32:49+02:00September 29th, 2022|Autonomous and professional robotics, E-Health, Events, Press Notes|

The XPAtient Barcelona Congress has today showcased in Barcelona the breakthroughs in healthcare robotics and underlined the significant role it will play in the coming years in social and healthcare centres and home care alike with the backing of robotic platforms which will ease the transition from hospitals to homes. The seventh edition of this [...]

Tourism gears up to deliver new experiences in the metaverse

2023-05-18T14:42:19+02:00July 29th, 2022|Events, Press Notes, Tourism|

The Internet’s evolution towards the metaverse unlocks new challenges and opportunities for tourism businesses and destinations to put in place strategies for crafting services and products which enhance the quality of the tourism experience along with new content which impacts users and communities in virtual spaces that add to the reciprocity between the physical [...]

Robots equipped with interfaces that will facilitate conversation with patients, a growing trend in health and social care

2022-10-17T14:48:37+02:00May 24th, 2022|E-Health, Events, Fires, Press Notes|

Robots equipped with multimodal interfaces in speech, conversation and other communicative elements that facilitate natural and empathetic patient interaction ‘will take on a growing role to complement both in-person and remote health and social care, making it sustainable’. This is how it was explained by Felip Miralles, the director of the Eurecat technology centre’s [...]

European technology centres commit to a green and digital transition for companies that will drive a greater impact on society

2022-10-17T15:08:09+02:00May 20th, 2022|Corporatiu, Events, Press Notes|

The annual conference of the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO) in Barcelona this week highlighted how technology centres are turning to the generation of more sustainable and more digital technology that will have a greater impact on companies, the economy and society. ‘We’re ready for all the major challenges anticipated in [...]

Eurecat organises the European technology centre annual conference in Barcelona

2022-10-17T15:11:01+02:00May 17th, 2022|Corporatiu, Events, Press Notes|

This Wednesday, 18 May, the Eurecat technology centre is hosting the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO) Annual Conference 2022 in Barcelona, the first time it will be held in Catalonia, which will focus on the role of European technology centres in light of the green and digital twin transition. The welcome session will [...]

Digitalisation speeds up the transformation of the tourism sector from the perspective of tourists, companies and destinations

2022-10-17T15:14:43+02:00May 10th, 2022|Events, Innovació turística, Press Notes, Tourism|

Today, Forum TurisTIC highlighted the sector’s ability to generate value by making the most of digitalisation and stressed that the acceleration of transformation that this entails, from the perspective of tourists, companies and destinations, becomes key for moving forward towards the new post-pandemic tourism, on a horizon where it is anticipated that the digital economy [...]

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