The Eurecat technology centre (a member of Tecnio) has launched the Eurecat Academy, a new platform designed to address the most immediate needs and challenges facing large companies and SMEs in relation to technology training for their workforces. The overall aim is to strengthen the transfer of technological knowledge to industry and the business community.

“The Eurecat Academy platform has been designed from a very practical standpoint and with a high degree of academic rigour, within a context that is characterized by digitalization, Industry 4.0 and the emergence of highly disruptive technologies”, explained Marc Capellades, Eurecat’s Director of Education and Training.

“This dynamic is changing companies from within and has enabled the sudden appearance of around ten new technologies that are changing the traditional habits and structures of industry”, Capellades continued. “In the face of such a paradigm shift, it is vital for companies to have workforces that are trained in the use of these new technologies. They must also develop the capacity to anticipate the impact of these technologies on their business and adopt innovative solutions in areas that are still very new and difficult to master, such as data analytics, the Internet of Things and cyber-security”, he concluded.