The Sustainability Department at Eurecat carries out R&D and innovation activities and technological development to promote businesses’ competitiveness and sustainability.


recovery eurecat


  • Water: treatment, reuse, recovery of compounds and energy.

  • Waste: use, stabilisation and disposal.

  • Ground, groundwater and sediments: treatment and recovery.

chemistry eurecat


  • Chemical risk analysis: human health and ecosystems.

  • Environmental chemistry and microbiology: analysis and mobility of contaminants.

energy eurecat


  • Energy: energy efficiency, thermal and electrical systems, integration of renewable energies and microgrids.

  • Batteries and electric vehicles: new energy storage and sustainable mobility systems.

building eurecat


  • Sustainable construction: energy rehabilitation and nZEB.

  • Sustainable production: industrial symbiosis, instrumentation and process measurement.

  • Evaluation of environmental and economic benefits: life cycle analysis, cost cycle analysis and water footprint.


  • Tailor-made environmental experimentation: laboratory scale and pilot plant.

  • Treatability of waste, ground and water.

  • Support for energy rehabilitation of buildings and insulation characterisation.

  • Electrical characterisation of equipment and batteries.



Projecte Releach

Projecte Demoware

Most representative sectors

Key projects

Demoware projecte


Demonstration of water reuse systems in agricultural, industrial and urban applications in Europe.

Lowup projecte


Development and demonstration of three new efficient heating and cooling technologies from renewable energy sources and residual energies of industrial processes.

Nextgen projecte


Evaluation and promotion of circular economy solutions and systems that transform the European water sector.

Sustainability Team

Miquel Rovira Eurecat

Miquel Rovira

Director of the Sustainability Department at Eurecat-CTM

Miquel Rovira is a chemical engineer from the University of Barcelona and doctor of chemistry by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

He has been leading sustainability projects for over 15 years, first at CTM as Manager of the Environment Department, then as Director of the Sustainability Department at Eurecat when it merged with CTM.