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Gemma Batlle

Business Development TIC

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Daniel Raya

Project Manager ITC

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Innovative products, services and digital systems

Our method for the implementation of advanced technology solutions covers the consultation of requirements, functional analysis, the creation of a focus group for the comparison of functions, the architecture of the solution and final quality certification.

Eurecat offers its knowledge of state-of-the-art technology solutions and its cutting-edge method for the development of software products through the BCID development ecosystem, an internally conceived and designed tool that makes the development of 100% professional codes available to the small- and medium-size enterprise.

Eurecat provides important information for the taking of well-founded decisions in technology purchase processes. Positioned at the forefront of innovative state-of-the-art technology solutions in its areas of experience, it has extensive knowledge of the ICT sector and of the available suppliers and solutions.

We identify new business models and technological needs to make cooperative projects happen.

EOur cross-sector work committees enable the development of technological challenges of vast interest. How? By detecting new business opportunities and effectively setting up collaborative projects that increase the competitive edge of companies that seek and offer technological solutions.

– Innovation strategy

Eurecat will help you identify the areas where you can innovate. Next, it will assist you in developing a personalised plan to ensure that such innovation in products or services is carried to term in an orderly, agile and effective manner.

– Evaluation laboratory

The Centre offers a technology evaluation service to identify how well such technologies match your specific needs in a closed and controlled environment, to anticipate and minimise any risks (of interoperability, regulations, etc.) that they may generate during implementation in production environments.

– Competitive intelligence

Information is power. Eurecat’s experts in technology watch will discover innovative trends for you, new business models, new technologies for application in your sector, and success stories and will keep you up to date on any calls for applications for funding that might be of use, in order to guide the strategy of your company. Eurecat converts information into knowledge with added value. We can accompany you to transform that information into profitable assets for your business.

– Innovation workshops

Workshops specifically designed to detect innovation opportunities for the company within a specific area: a key product, service or process for your company.

These workshops can be set up in different ways, depending on the needs of the company:

– Creativity workshops, to generate new ideas. These sessions can be held with the company’s own staff with the option of inviting an expert in the area of interest to foster further creativity and provide disruptive elements in the dynamics.

– Workshops, directed work meetings with different companies (supply-demand, companies that share the same chain of value, companies that form part of a collaborative project, etc.) or different individuals from a single company, to share their strategic perspectives or to receive training in a specific area (trends in technology, innovation management, etc.)

– Focus group to validate concept tests: functional requirements, barriers to entry, new business ideas, aspects most highly valued by customers, etc.

Eurecat, the strategic ICT partner for companies and the public administration

Eurecat develops ICT tools and innovative solutions that contribute to solving today’s challenges in cities and extensive metropolitan areas (smart regions), placing special emphasis on improving the quality of life of the people through the management of urban infrastructures and services and by adapting businesses to the new social realities. To do so, Eurecat contributes to the improvement of the processes and services offered by ICT companies, working in collaboration with numerous consortiums on technological innovation projects for and with the ICT sector.

The conceptual framework of Smart Cities is focused on the search for systems that create knowledge based on heterogeneous data capture and processing in the urban environment in the broadest sense, and in the environments of diverse origins, such as sensors, Open Data portals and the social media.

The experience and expertise of Eurecat in the knowledge and treatment of materials and fabrics has positioned the Centre as a privileged partner for project development in the area of IOT (Internet of Things).

More than 100 companies and public bodies of reference

trust our experience in management and in the execution of technology-based projects to meet their future challenges.

New products, services and technological solutions to meet the challenges of the digital society



Appytest is a set of ICT services designed for quality assurance in mobile applications. Through the Appytest platform, Eurecat guarantees the quality of applications for smartphones through consultation, testing and mobile app monitoring, for developers and integrators, as well as for corporate app users.

The technology centre also offers services to certify the accessibility of the applications and compliance with the requirements of the Spanish Personal Data Protection Act.



An on-demand service simulating DDoS attacks.

Based on cloud computing, the Floodr service enables companies to effectively see and understand their level of security, through a simulated DDoS attack. Floodr is a tool that helps accelerate the taking of decisions to mitigate these types of attacks on companies in strategic sectors such as banks, online businesses, pharmaceutical companies and telecommunications companies

Cronic Suite

Cronic Suite

A suite of health and mobility projects designed to improve care and health management in patients with chronic conditions.

CronicSuite is an integrated mobility solution that offers a suite of health products for patients with chronic conditions and which enables the monitoring of their physical activity, medical prescription and their control in following practitioners’ instructions, as well as blood pressure control. Created with standard and open technologies, this solution