Nissan and Eurecat signed a strategic agreement today that will help the manufacturer to promote innovation from within and enable it to maximize the potential of its plant in Barcelona through the development of strategic projects in partnership with Eurecat.

The aim of the agreement is to boost collaboration and cooperation between the two organizations within the scope of the six systematic innovation challenges set by Nissan: namely, a connected workforce, flexible production, energy, and intelligent maintenance, assembly and inspection.

The Japanese multinational is committed to redefining the future of the automotive industry and plans to do so by strengthening its capacity to imagine and create, while constantly seeking continuous improvement in all of its production processes.

Genís Alonso, the Managing Director of Nissan Motor Ibérica (NMISA), explained that for Nissan, “innovation is a process through which we can transform the challenges that are facing us and develop new solutions that will ensure the sustainability of our industrial operations. The company must respond to the needs of our consumers, both now and in the future, by offering the best solutions. That is why we are basing our innovation process on the potential of our engineers and on working with strategic partners such as Eurecat”.

“The Eurecat technology centre is oriented towards the provision of standout solutions and cutting-edge technology as a means of contributing to companies’ value chains, with the aim of enabling them to create new products and services or improve their processes with a view to becoming more competitive”, said Xavier Torra, the President of Eurecat. “This strategic collaboration with Nissan makes it possible for Eurecat to contribute our experience and multi-technological capacities, as well as the knowledge we have obtained through our relationships with universities and research centres. In turn, this enables us to help the company generate and test ideas and apply them quickly and flexibly, within a model that places technological innovation at the heart of the company’s projects in order to make them stand out from the competition while remaining profitable”, he added.

The agreement forms part of the “Nissan BCN Innovation District” initiative, through which Nissan is opening up its innovation ecosystem to multiple external actors. At present, the company collaborates with over 230 actors, including start-ups, universities, technology centres, clusters and investors, in the implementation of its industrial operations in Barcelona.

Within this context, the company’s strategic collaboration with Eurecat will help accelerate Nissan’s innovation cycle through the joint conceptualization of new solutions for the six innovation challenges.

Throughout the 2019 financial year, which will commence on 1 April, Nissan and Eurecat will adopt a joint methodology for innovation. Projects will be defined up to and including their execution stage, with a simultaneous focus on their implementation.

The agreement with Eurecat will open up multiple possibilities from a technological and organizational perspective. As such, the partnership will boost Nissan’s position as a benchmark for innovation in Catalonia, Spain, and Europe as a whole.