Novartis is a healthcare company based in Switzerland that provides solutions to the changing needs of the patients

In 2018 Novartis decided to create a Digital Finance Hub in Barcelona to combine data science with finance

Eurecat has collaborated with Novartis in the organization of 5 datathon for the Digital Finance Hub, the last 3 being 100% online and international.

A datathon is a challenge for data scientists where a business challenge is presented, and the participants seek a differential solution to address it

Novartis has incorporated data science into research, business operations, and the way they engage with healthcare professionals and patients.

In 2018, Novartis created a Digital Finance Hub in Barcelona to combine data science with finance. Currently, this Hub has 25 data scientists and several data engineers serving the entire world.

Novartis has collaborated with Eurecat in the organization of 3 datathons to capture ideas and talent. The years 2018 and 2019, in a face-to-face format with about 60 participants in each edition. And in 2020, given the situation of pandemics and confinement, a virtual datathon was organized with 150 participants from different countries.

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