Development of advanced surface treatment equipment for functional enhancement of dental implant components.

The main objective of the EQUIDENTAL project is the development of low cost, simple, flexible and modular surface treatment equipment addressed to manufacturers of dental implants and surgical tools.

The technological innovation of the project is based on:

  • Development of specific and optimized coatings obtained by means of magnetron sputtering PVD deposition technique on different components and dental implants.
  • Development and optimization of bactericidal treatments on dental implants based on silver and copper ion implantation.
  • Validation of the functionality of the developed surface treatments.
  • Design, construction, and technical validation of an industrial prototype equipment capable of processing the coatings and the ion implantation treatments developed during the project.

The achievement of the objectives of EQUIDENTAL will have an important socio-economic impact on the companies that manufacture dental implants and surgical tools.

The functional improvement of these components, from the tribomechanical, chemical and biological point of view, will also improve the health and quality of life of people, reducing surgical problems and allowing to increase the durability of dental components and implants.

In addition to Eurecat, which participates through its Metallic and Ceramic Materials Unit, the consortium of the project is made up by the Chemical Institute of Sarrià (IQS) and the companies Microdent Implant System and Flubetech.

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EQUIDENTAL – Development of advanced surface treatment equipment for functional enhancement of dental implant components

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Programme and call for tender

Project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities through the call “R&D&I Projects in Public-Private Collaboration”, State Program to Promote Scientific-Technical Research and its Transfer, of the State Plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research 2021-2023, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan

Related SDG

Development of surface treatments for dental implantology components that will contribute to improving the oral health of the population, avoiding the risks of bacterial infection (peri-implantitis) and improving the surgical procedures for placing dental implants.