Innovative smart ski boot that allows the skier to improve his technique and, additionally, can be used as a touring boot to walk with ease and more comfort than the existing ones.

FLEXOSKIBOOTS is an industrial research project that addresses two unresolved challenges in the ski sector.

In the first place, the development of new ski boots that solve the main problems of the current ones, such as discomfort and pain during skiing, as well as the lack of versatility to use them as touring boots. And, secondly, getting the boots to be intelligent and provide valuable data for the skier.

In previous developments, carried out by project partners, the first steps were taken for the design of the new boots, based on an exoskeleton with a flexo system that improves comfort. FLEXOSKIBOOTS proposes the digitalisation of the boot through a sensorisation that will be carried out in the design process, as well as later in its manufacture.

The objective is to determine all the biomechanical and physical elements that are produced during the practice of skiing in order to establish the final design of the exostructure of the new boots. With this, the necessary rigidity and greater control and handling of the skis will be obtained, always taking into account the dimensions and sustainable materials that will compose it.

In addition, the boot will allow this sport discipline to be more accessible and for older skiers to continue practising it, promoting physical activity and healthier active ageing.

Eurecat, through its Product Innovation and Multiphysics Simulation Unit, has focused its efforts on the first phase of the design of the boot with its flexion and closure systems, ensuring good behaviour and robustness and safety through simulation tools. and laboratory tests.

The FLEXOSKIBOOTS project is led by INDESCAT, the Catalan sports cluster.

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FLEXOSKIBOOTS – Smart ski boot that allows the skier to improve his technique and walk with ease

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Project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism (MINCOTUR) within the AEI support program to contribute to improving the competitiveness of Spanish industry, and with the support of the European Union through the Recovery Plan, Transformation and Resilience, Next Generation EU Funds of the European Union

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