Project Description

Neptune Eurecat

Innovative projects, lead by SMEs, to encourage the innovation and sustainable growth of the marine and maritime sectors in Europe. Neptune project promotes innovation to create new industrial value chains that are beneficial for the entire sector, specifically at a local level.

The project has a multi-sectorial approach and is focused on water management in urban and rural environments, the transport and logistics of inland and sea ports, the environment, and renewable marine energy. It is estimated that Neptune will have an impact on almost 2,000 innovators, the majority of which are small and medium sized companies.

Seven technology clusters will participate in the project, two business support centres, an engineering school and a consultancy company from seven different European countries. Eurecat leads the project in Catalonia, in which the researchers will support the companies in applying ICT technologies to sectors in the efficient management of water, energy, and the environment.

This 30-month plan has been financed by the European Union as part of the “Blue Growth” Plan, that intends to promote the sustainable growth of the sea industry with the horizon set on 2020.

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