WORKSHOP: The power of Data Analytics in assessing Value of Time for Mobility and Transport Planning: uncovering users’ mobility behavior

18th September 2019
from 08:30h to 17:15h

MediaTic Auditorium
117, Roc Boronat
Barcelona (Spain)

The workshop aims at providing a comprehensive analysis of the dynamics of user preferences, behaviours and needs while traveling and to identify the factors that most influence them. The discussed topics and the presented analysis will highlight which are the main factors that influence the travel option choice, the time spent for travel preparation and travelling as well as the value proposition of the travel time.

The aim of the workshop is also to contribute in the generation of new knowledge that might lead to the implementation of innovative cost-benefit assessment methods of transport projects and to a more sophisticated knowledge of users’ attitudes and choices with respect to travel time.

Will be divided into two main blocks:
The morning sessions will feature several topics (e.g., VTT, transport user experience) addressed through one keynote presentation and two panel discussions.
The afternoon sessions will focus on a more hands-on session on a tutorial on Data Analysis of Mobility Data.




Registration attendees & Welcome Coffee


Welcome and introduction
General Director at Barcelona Activa 


Keynote session
Guido Sachetto,
Policy Officer at EC DG Research & Innovation


Meeting travelers’ expectations: how to assess travel experience and enhance people’ perceived Value of Travel Time (VTT). Discussion with national transport operators ATM, TMB, TRAM, FGC, RENFE
Moderates: Laia Garriga, Business Development Manager Rail Industry & Logistics at Eurecat


Coffee Break


Presentation Woorti App
João Bernardino,
Woorti App product designer at TIS


Mobility behavior data analysis: current trends, future opportunities. Discussion with industry stakeholders
Moderates: Marc Torrent, Director of the Big Data & Data Science Technological Unit at Eurecat and Director of the Big Data Centre of Excellence in Barcelona


Networking Lunch Break


Value of Travel time: an inclusive mobility perspective
Presentation of European projects related with inclusive mobility and transport.

  • DIAMOND: Revealing fair and actionable knowledge from data to support women’s inclusion in transport systems
    Lucía Recio, DIAMOND project coordinator
  • HiReach: Innovative mobility solutions to cope with transport poverty
    André Freitas, TIS, HiReach Startup Lab Manager
  • Inclusion: Towards more accessible and inclusive mobility solutions for European prioritized areas


Tutorial – Data Analysis of Mobility Behaviour Data
Matteo Manca, Big Data and Data Analytics researcher at Eurecat

  • Methods and tools to analyze mobility behaviour data
  • MoTiV data analysis case (notebook case study to be followed by participants)

Attendees are recommended to bring their own laptop to be able to follow the tutorial.


Conclusions and Closing
Giuseppe Lugano, MoTiV Project Coordinator
Marc Torrent, Director of the Big Data & Data Science Technological Unit at Eurecat


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