Covid-19 will foster a new mobility which will drive the implementation of emerging technologies such as touchless push-buttons. The Eurecat technology centre believes these solutions will be in high demand in areas such as public transport, leisure facilities, lifts and workspaces in response to the new patterns of behaviour brought about by the coronavirus.

Eurecat has already been involved in designing and developing the first prototypes of a medical device with touchless capacitive buttons for Rolen Technologies & Products, the Catalan rolling stock manufacturer based in Sabadell, by means of a system that can be used to operate any mechanism intended for users inside a train.

“This is a growing need in industries such as aeronautics, rail and maritime transport and also in buses, vending machines, common areas of buildings and hospitals”, points out Paul Lacharmoise, director of Eurecat’s Functional Printing and Embedded Devices Unit.