Eurecat is launching Sfëar, a new technology for making 3D music

//Eurecat is launching Sfëar, a new technology for making 3D music

Eurecat is launching Sfëar, a new technology for making 3D music


The new 3D audio technology has the potential to become the new standard in audio, just like stereo was in the past.

Barcelona, 17 June 2015.- The Eurecat technological centre (a Tecnio member) has developed a new technology called Sfëar (, to create songs and music sessions live, in three dimensions, and produce and distribute music and immersive audio content on mobile devices through headphones.

From today until 18 June, international musicians will present the first 3D songs composed using Sfëar, among whom are Mr J, who regularly collaborates with huge stars on the international recording scene; sound artist Timothy Schmele, creator of “Neurospaces”, which represents cerebral activity using 3D audio, and MainBerlin.

Sonar will debut the first 3D songs composed with Sfëar technology.

Adan Garriga, director of Eurecat Audiovisual technologies, predicts that “3D sound will be the new standard in the audio industry, just like how stereo sound erupted in the 1950s, and the shift from stereo to the 5.1 surround sound system in the 1980s.”

In his opinion, “the technology is so innovative that it has the potential to completely change the music market, as well as streaming and sales platforms such as discos and live music events”.

He stresses that, with the Sfëar system “musicians can easily spacialise the music and only have to concern themselves with positioning the sound in the space, regardless of the number of speakers”.

“The Sfëar tools are compatible with the majority of software used by artists, meaning that an artist can now make 3D music without changing the system they currently work with”, adds the director of Eurecat Audiovisual Technologies.

The technology has the potential to change the music market, from streaming and sales platforms to discos and music events

During Sonar, Eurecat will demonstrate binaural productions in the Market Lab, and those in attendance will be able to try some of the tools used to create immersive music for headphones. At the same time, the visitors will be able to test the 3D sensation in the Sfëar Demo Room, a 64 m2 facility equipped with a 25.3 speaker system, developed together with Amate Audio, in which there will be technical sessions and performances from the various artists invited.

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